Every time I worked out last week (4/18 – 4/24)

Somehow I only worked out 4x this week. Is that right? I’m fine with it, but it’s very unlike me! Here’s what went down:

Monday: Didn’t work out. I pulled a muscle in my butt and wanted to rest.

Tuesday: Spin class at Flywheel with Lissa.  Earned my highest Torq score in a while (263). Totally recommend Lissa’s class if you’re looking to push yourself.

Wednesday: I ran 4.3 miles. I ran by destination, not distance which was a great change of pace. I decided to run to the reservoir, do a loop and run home instead of holding myself to set mileage.

Thursday: Didn’t work out. I was traveling for work. I suppose I could’ve planned a workout to make it happen but I didn’t.

Friday: November Project plus a  4-5 mile run to get there. My Garmin decided to update during the run, so I don’t know the exact distance. I tripped and wiped out on the way to the Chelsea Piers destination deck, so I did the workout with a torn up/bloody knee. I still had a smiley blast.

november project
Photo care of November Project

Saturday: Didn’t work out

Sunday: I ran the Run as One 4 miler + 5 more miles for a total of 9 miles as a training run for the Brooklyn Half.  I ran this race with a bunch of friends which is my favorite thing.

It was Riana (second from the left)’s first race in NYC ever. Which makes me so happy. Jon (the right-most person) had a bet with Matt (in Sponge Bob shirt) to see if he could run a sub-6:30 min/mile pace for a 4-mile race sometime in the next 5 years. He did it at this race, his very first try at meeting the goal. AMAZING. I played the very critical role of “bet witness” so I will be making sure Matt buys Jon a steak dinner. Running with friends is the best.

After the Run as One 4-miler

I am in this NYRR video starting the race. On the left side of the screen, I’m in a white long-sleeves shirt and shorts with a bopping ponytail. I run by a few seconds after the announcer says “I can’t read your shirts but you look awesome!”

How was your week?

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