Every time I worked out last week (4/11- 4/17)

Good morning, sunshine(s)! Did you have a good week? The Boston Marathon was last Monday and like many of you, I have race fever! Speaking of racing, earlier this week I shared my race etiquette wish list. Got anything to add to that list?

Ok down to business.

Every time I worked out last week:

Monday: I finally tried Pop Physique (a California-originated barre studio that opened an outpost in NYC). The studio has a sassy-chic aesthetic. I liked the workout. It’s very similar to Physique57 in structure and intensity.

pop physique

Tuesday: 3 mile run (Ok I ran 2 miles to dinner and 1 mile home. Does this count as a 3 mile run? I think so.) I took the sunset photo in the header  of this post on that run.

Wednesday: Didn’t work out. I was signed up for a Bollywood dance class but the studio messed up and there was no class. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Thursday: Physique 57 with my favorite instructor Lindi!

Friday: Physical therapy in the am + High 45 at Mile High Run Club after work

Saturday: Flywheel class with Grant, who has the same voice as my friend Aman, and I kept thinking “Aman, stop talking during spin class!” I took an early morning class at the Lincoln Square studio (aka home base) before heading to Philly for a friend’s pizza party wedding celebration.

pre-pizza party wedding in Philly (my friends are the best)

Sunday: A slow 5-mile run in Philly on Kelly Drive. I’ve always wanted to run on Kelly Drive. I’ve been to Philly a whole lot of times and never had the chance to do it before. It’s a gorgeous trail next to the Schuylkill River.

running on Kelly Drive
running on Kelly Drive


Before I go, Well + Good just published an article about a very surprising performance enhancing drug. Spoiler alert. It’s pot. Thoughts? Feelings? Anyone with a medical background care to weigh in?

How was your week? Anyone race?

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