Current Fitness: Rowing for Abs

Please sit back and relax as you board this bicycle built for two headed down fitness memory lane.

When I lived in DC I briefly saw a personal trainer. I think I got 3 free sessions with a new gym membership. That trainer was obsessed with the rowing machine. I had never used one before and my introduction to the rower was characteristically spastic. I remember struggling to work the electronic monitor and once that was sorted, to look like a vaguely normal person when fake rowing. I always got my feet stuck in the sneaker cages, which I argued to the trainer posed a serious evacuation hazard. To date, aside from a few brief dances with the rower at the fhitting room, those training sessions were my only interaction with the machine.

Until last week.

photo courtesy of Current Fitness

Current Fitness is a hot new rowing studio in Tribeca. Rowing studios aren’t new to NYC (Row House, Orange Theory, CITYROW all offer ways for me to embarrass myself next to former college crew team members.) But what makes Current Fitness special is that their rowing machines have been modified for maximum ab work. The seat does not move. Your body does not slide back and forth, instead you use your abs and back muscles to power the fans through pulleys.

As a fitness experimentalist, I was very down to try this new cool thing.

Last weekend, Matt and I took the train to Canal Street to check out Current and make some new friends. The studio is a bright, white and the location unassuming. Everyone we met (Josh the Owner, Jules the Instructor) was friendly, upbeat and welcoming.

Current Fitness

Jules explained how these special rowers function and we got to work. The class operates similar to a spin class. Matched with the beat, there are a series of sprints and a series of high resistance sections. The class also had a brief weight section. According to the story told by my reflection in the mirror, I seemed to look semi-coordinated. Must be the fixings on these new machines!

When the class wrapped up, I was warm, but not dripping in sweat. That’s OK. That means this class is a viable pre-work, or pre-dinner plans option for me.

Current Fitness

I appreciated the uniqueness of this class. I take a lot of spin and barre and this was a great new complement to that. Also, my abs were sore the next day, which I’m in to. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Disclosure: Matt and I didn’t pay for this class. We were guests of the studio. Opinions all mine.

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