Every time I worked out last week (4/4 -4/10)

I was in NYC all week! It’s been months since that’s been the case. To celebrate my homecoming, the greater Manhattan area eschewed the sunshine-y spring we all expected and brought back winter winds and a lot of rain. I am tired of running in pants. And a hat. And gloves. (Aka what I wear when its anything below 49 degrees F.)

In between huddling to stay warm, I worked out. Here is my weekly fitness recap:

Monday: I didn’t workout, since you know, I raced 10 miles the day before. Also I  was doing a cleanse. OK not exactly. By “cleanse” I mean I had jury duty and you can’t eat in the jurors’ lounge. On a typical work day I will snack on the half hour. So jury duty was an exercise in forced restraint since I was only able to eat at actual meal breaks. Hashtag detox! Super zen right?

Tuesday: I went to Barre Tribeca for the first time and took an early am class called Speed Barre. the 2 & 3 trains were bonkers so I arrived 8 minutes late and missed most of the arm section. I loved this class though. The room was small which kept class size down and the music was on point. The tunes were current during the majority of the class but we ended with Prince and Radiohead.


I’ve been sweating Tara Stiles from a far for a long time. I finally had the chance to take a class at Strala – her NYC studio. My friend Gina joined me for a session called “Strong.” Tara was so accessible, silly and friendly. I almost wanted to remind her that she was a famous person.  She put away our yoga blocks at the end of class (not an assistant). The class was welcoming and allowed for a lot of personal choice.

the cavernous Strava studio
the cavernous Strava studio

Wednesday: 3-mile run. I stepped outside and turned on my music. No dice. My shuffle was dead. At mile one, I took off my hat and found my hair thing was MIA. I am sure I looked like Hulk Hogan. I still ran 3 miles.

Thursday:  Morning Flywheel class

Friday: November Project in Columbus Circle

November Project
Photo by Brian Hsia

Saturday: Ran 6.25 miles

Strava Garmin

Sunday: Current Fitness (a new rowing studio in Tribeca) invited me plus a guest (Matt) to try a class, which we did. I will write about this cool place soon. In the afternoon I went to the Fhitting Room. I didn’t plan on working out twice but I was scanning ClassPass (whatever we all have our hobbies) and saw an opening and grabbed it. We did jumping jacks with battle ropes. It was hard. I’m still sore days later.

Current Fitness Tribeca

How was your week?

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