Every time I worked out last week (2/22 – 2/28)

Oh hello, friends. I’m finally getting into a better workout groove. I’m so tempted by ClassPass that I end up over-committing to classes and not running enough (to prep for all of those races I haven’t written about yet). But I’ve got my head on straight now and my eyes on the prize(ish).

Last week I tried some new things and visited some of my regular fitness hangs.

Here’s what I got into:

Monday: I was in DC and finally got to take my first Barre3 class. I went to the Georgetown location with my friend Tricia (you may remember her from other fitness adventures). I arrived a bit late due to a minor Uber fiasco, so I was a bit scattered when I entered the class. It took me a while to get in the zone, but once I did liked the class. My triceps were sore the next day, which is a solid barre class accolade. I’ll definitely give the West Village Barre3 a try, too.

barre3 georgetown
creepy photo of Barre3 in Georgetown, located – in a very lovely old georgetown bldg

Tuesday: Didn’t work out!

Wednesday: High 45 at Mile High Run Club. I was a bit nervous to try this class. I’ve taken Dash 28 a few times and in those classes you run HARD for 28 mins. High 45 has you running for the full 45 minutes, but the intervals are less intense. I liked it.

Thursday: I went to FlexBarre in Union Square before work. This is one of the hardest, sweatiest barre classes out there.  Flex Studios is taking itself off ClassPass soon and I’ll miss going to these classes when they’re gone.

there is a Jack's Coffee inside of Peloton
there is a Jack’s Coffee inside of Peloton in Chelsea

Friday: I took a morning spin class at Peloton. It was my first time at their studio and whoa: Swanky Town!I can’t wait to go back. Their bikes offer the smoothest ride I’ve experienced. The classes are live-streamed and people across the globe can ride along on bikes in their home. Uniquely, people seem to linger in this studio. There is a coffee shop (Jack’s!) right inside, which adds to the hangout vibe.

Saturday: Didn’t work out. I was in Miami visiting friends!

miami is hideous
miami is hideous

Sunday: 6-mile run in Miami. This felt hard. I ran over a very steep bridge around mile 2 and it kicked my butt.  My route was an out and back so I had to run BACK over the grueling bridge. I am not in hill-running shape…. YET?

And on a serious note, see below:

Wynwood Walls
Jumping picture fail at Wynwood Walls

How was your week? Try any new classes recently?


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