7 things I always have to remind myself about running

Every runner knows running can be a mind f*ck (pardon my French). I am not an expert runner, but I am a head case who has (for the most part) learned to love running without letting it make me crazy.  That’s taken some mental work.

Here is a list of reminders that help me keep a healthy relationship with my favorite activity.

7 Running Reminders to Keep You Sane

1. The first 15 minutes are tough. Just because the run starts crappy, does not mean it will end crappy.

2. You will always have good days and bad days, no matter how in shape you are, so take your cheap wireless earbuds to play your favorite music and motive yourself.

and days running makes you feel like a crazy person

3. Running is mental. i.e. I can control how a run feels by controlling how I feel about a run. Sit on that one for a while, it’s very empowering and Buddha-like.

4. Hydration matters. I notice that “I don’t feel great” before I realize “I am dehydrated,” specifically.  Most of the time a crappy run coincides for a day when I forgot to drink water.  Sub-note: Drink so much water before running. The whole day before.

hotel gym
and the award for “excellency in procrastination” goes to the girl taking selfies at the hotel gym

5. Food matters, too. People are hard on carbs. I can be hard on carbs. But simple carbs (like toast!) make me feel strong and energetic during a run. Those are the feelings I am going for.

6. There are different types of runs. Not every run needs to be fast. It’s okay to run at a speed that allows you to chat with a friend.

the team post-race
running with pals

7. This is a choice. No one is making you run. You are choosing this. So don’t treat running like a punishment. It’s incredible that your body can do this. No matter how fast or how slow you think you’re going, you are GOING.

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