Crossfit Solace: Love at first class

I tried a new studio last week, and I liked the class I took so much I signed up for the same class the following week on my phone on my way home.

Meet Crossfit Solace, she’s a unique beast.

Basically it’s an amenity-laden, very clean Crossfit studio that also offers yoga and sculpting classes. It breaks the Crossfit mold by attracting mostly ladies. Solace isn’t in a windowless basement like many Crossfit boxes, not does it smell like the inside of a old shoe. It’s also in Murray Hill so please infer the usual stereotypes.  It’s been on my list to try for a while because I like nice things.

CrossFit Solace
Welcome to here.

The real reason I signed up is because Matt took a Trooper Fitness class and kept kvetching that his thighs and butt were sore from squats and that made me super jealous. (Does #WorkoutEnvy exist in your household? Please let me know in the comments.) But since my ankle is still being a total brat, I needed to find a low impact way to get my lunge on.

I scoured ClassPass (a common pastime for me these days) and landed on Crossfit Solace’s Sculpt class.  The description said the class was “shoe-free.” Barefoot classes are usually low impact, a great tip for all of you fellow ankle-injury suffers out there or just people cruising for jump-free workout.

Here is what went down.

The studio

The ladies at the front desk weren’t Physique 57-level nice but they were nice enough and when I asked for a spare hair tie, they gave me one. No one offered me a tour of the studio though, which is de rigueur these days. In the main area, a HITT class was going on. It might have been actual Crossfit but I didn’t notice any weights just ginormous boxes and monkey bars. The whole place felt clean and fresh.

the studio. you know a place is zen if it has wall carvings. (said some interior decorator somewhere)

The locker room

Bright lighting, new everything, lockers with built-in locks, showers etc. I didn’t shower there so I don’t have too much to add, but it was super crowded at 7pm when I was there. I found an empty, working locker to use, so my requirement was met.

crossfit solace
the only appropriate locker room selfie

The class

Here is where I fell in love. The class was:

30 minutes of abs and thighs, lots of lunges with coordinated arm movements and balance exercises. EXACTLY what I’m meant to be doing to strengthen my ankle. HAPPY HABER.

15 minutes of yoga, sun salutations, twists, eagle pose, and a pretty random crow pose, but it was made very optional. I love me down dog, so this was A-OK in my book.

10 minutes of abs and glutes, boat pose for the abs and your normal glute work on all fours (which I prefer to standing at a barre and doing it). Great.

5 minutes of stretching ended the class.

There was nothing I couldn’t do because of my ankle. There was no jumping or hopping or burpees. I felt sore after in the best way. A major win for me.

crossfit solace
equipment for sculpt class

The teacher

Tiana Murray taught the class and she was great. She gave clear, easy-to-follow instructions and had a positive, motivating attitude. I would totally take her class again. She also did a good job of being judgment free. She made me feel like we were all doing a great job.

 Crossfit Solace

The people

Hottie central! Lots of very in-shape women, not the too skinny type but the strong and confident type.

I already signed up for my next class. Have you tried Crossfit or fancy Crossfit?


  1. March 19, 2016 / 4:50 am

    I had a good experience, albeit hard, at sulpt 45 with Nina, but if you are looking for some low impact killer classes, TRX is my jam these days, and I have found some good ones….without the HIIT breaks in between (fellow ankle injurer here) If you want to friend me on classpass so we can see each otherrs class, I am rebecca weiner: This is hwere I review: Yelp: 😉 I saw your link on best in class 😉

    • Nicole
      March 19, 2016 / 7:38 pm

      thank you so much for sharing! any specific TRX classes to recommend?

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