Every time I worked out the last TWO weeks

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and this year was no slouch.

I never got around to posting last week’s recap, so now I’m doubling up (which is also the theme of some of my workouts) and sharing the last two weeks’ recap in one post.


Sunday: Power Beats Lyons Den Power Yoga (a post I wrote about this happy place a few months ago)
Monday: Nada
Tuesday: Nada
Wednesday: 3 pre-work miles + spin class at Swerve, a new-to-me studio in Flatiron
Thursday: 2 hard miles on the mental toughness machine (treadmill) and some weights at NYSC
Friday: Nope didn’t work out

Saturday: I ran the Saving the Elephants 10K, followed by dancing at another wedding

wedding at the Plaza
wedding at the Plaza


Sunday: woke up early after the wedding (oy!) and headed east to Flywheel with Matt’s friend Hal (click that link to check out his awesome podcast on start ups!)
Monday: Nada
Tuesday:  Post-work spin class at Swerve
Wednesday: morning P57 mixed-level class, an early bird special before heading to Long Island for Thanksgiving

Thursday: Turkey Trot 5K with my family

inspiration at Lyon's Den
inspiration at Lyons Den

Friday: I tried a spin class at NYSC, I’ve never taken one there before. The teacher was great. Then I went home, had breakfast and headed down to Tribeca for an hour-long Power Beats class at Lyons Den Power Yoga. I always feel really incredible after Lyons Den. I don’t typically like to travel for a workout, but the hike to Tribeca is worth it every time.

the artist really needs some distance from his subject
the artist really needs some distance from his subject

Saturday: Ran a mile to the Fhitting Room to meet my friend Blake and her friend Amanda for a 10am class. Fhitting Room offers an insane HIIT workout. Everything moves quickly but with two teachers you get hands-on corrections and a lot of attention. I felt strong, sore and accomplished when the 50-minute session was over.

the fhitting room
the fhitting room


I also just joined ClassPass! Any classes I need to try?

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