I gave Swerve Fitness a try

As a self identified Flywheel addict, you might ask why I went to another spin studio. Answer: To chase new student intro deals!

Swerve is near my office and they offer a buy one get one free offer for first time students. I’m open to trying new things, especially when they are offered at a discount and situated in my zone of existence.

I actually originally booked a class for Monday morning but woke up feeling not so hot. I called right before to cancel and they were super accommodating. I finally did make it to a class after work on Wednesday and I was very happy I did.

First, I’ve never walked into a happier studio. The next class didn’t start for 20 minutes but the lounge/lobby was packed and everyone was smiling and chatting. A Swerve employee showed me around and made me feel welcome, not a spectacle as a new-to-the-studio rider. A big pet peeve of mine is when studios act like you’re from Mars if you’ve never worked out with their specific brand. The Swerve employee was upbeat and wonderful. I immediately felt comfortable.

Pre/Post-class logistics: The lounge area has a smoothie bar, similar to Barry’s Bootcamp. You can pre-order a smoothie before class to be ready post-class. This contributed to a very social, hangout-vibe in the waiting area.

Towels and shoes are free. Lockers have built-in locks. They have 2 or 3 showers in the ladies locker room.

So what makes Swerve special? What’s it’s “thing”?  Teamwork.

The spin studio is divided into three teams marked by colors (Red, Blue, Green). Like in Flywheel, a total score is calculated based on resistance and speed. Also similar to Flywheel there are big TV screens that allow you to check the team score, or participate in short sprint races. But it’s only the team score on that big screen. (You can see your own score on a monitor by your bike.)

From Swerve’s website

I was on the red team (we won!) and I thought the class was a lot of fun, an flew by. There was a very short arm weight section, and I’d always rather have that than not.

Do I like it better than Flyhweel? Probably not. But I’ll happily go again. I’m open to convincing.


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