Every time I worked out last week (11/8- 11/14)

Oh hello, it’s later in the week than usual, but I’m here with the recap. Knowing I’ll be writing these makes me feel accountable during the week. As always, I’d love if you told me about your week in workouts in the comments!

Sunday: 5.5 mile run in Central Park with the new Garmin (and Matt)

Monday: Pre-work Flywheel

Tuesday: Post-work Flywheel: yes! twice in a row, but it felt like a longer gap because of the morning/night switch

Wednesday: Morning Mixed-level Physique 57

Thursday: 5 miles with NYRR class, the workout was .25 mile intervals, I did a bunch of those and ran home.

Friday: Rest, or more accurately work and then fell asleep during the opening credits of Spectre. The lazy boy seats at the 84th Street AMC are too comfortable

Saturday: 4.5 miles. It was very windy and this felt really hard. I powered through but my original goal was a full loop (6 miles) but I just didn’t want to go all the way to the back of the park. What do you guys do when it feels this tough? This time I cut myself some slack, but I don’t always.

Also I got in a lot of extra cardio at a wedding Saturday night.

Overall I’m really happy I was able to run 15 miles this week. I’m excited to be building back up.


How was your week?  I’m signed up for a 10K  this weekend in the park, fingers crossed! Any races or turkey trots in your future?

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