Every time I worked out last week (10/11-10/17)

Here we go again. Another week and another recap. I love reading how other people switch up and schedule their weekly workouts, so I’m sharing my own week in review.

Sunday: Duathlon, did I mention?

Monday: I spent a grand total of 12 minutes at the gym. I did ankle exercises and maybe one crunch?

Tuesday: Nada.

Wednesday: Refine Method: Such a great HIIT workout but the sliding and jumping is a little tough on my ankle.

Refine Method, UWS
Refine Method, UWS

Thursday: Running school: We did 800s (half mile) sprints. My right shin was really aching (I think I need new sneakers) so I left after 2 800s and ran home. I ended up running over 4 miles anyway because of the run there/back. This makes it a pretty good running day for me on this side of the ankle injury. I’m excited to be back at “school” post injury.

Friday:  Power Beats at Lyons Den Power Yoga. I can’t say enough about this place. I don’t love yoga but something about Lyons Den makes me want to keep coming back. The tune selection in this class was FANTASTIC.

post lyon's den
Does this tank top make my head look big?

Saturday: Run 4.5 miles.  I made myself a little 6-week training plan for the 10K in November I signed up for. I know a 10K isn’t far (and it feels that way when so many pals are running the NYC Marathon) but I’ve not run longer than 4.5 miles since I got back to running and I don’t want to take anything for granted.

new kicks

After the run, Matt and I headed to Cold Spring to hike Breakneck Ridge. It. Was. Awesome. Lots of scrambling with the reward of beautiful views at four major vistas.

the first viewpoint of Breakneck Ridge


part of the scramble

How was your week? New Yorkers, any fitness classes to recommend?

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