I tried SLT

I had been crushing on SLT for a long time before I signed up for my first class. I don’t know what took so long.  I think my hesitancy was driven by the price tag. At $40 a class, SLT costs a few more buckaroos than the already pretty pricey classes I attend regularly.

Despite that, it’s still competitive to nab a spot. I had to sign up a few weeks in advance to go to the Flatiron location.

flatiron SLT Class sizes are small, limited by the number of megareformers (a tricked out pilates reformer).  To entice newbies, your first class is half price so I bit the bullet and committed to a pre-work class at the Flatiron location.

Due to subway trouble, I showed up 5 minutes late to my first class. They advise SLT-virgins to get there 15 minutes early so someone can demonstrate the megareformer. They were kind enough to let me jump in anyway and what follows next was kind of absurd.

1. The megareformer is not the same as pilates reformer. It’s set up to do different things. A few times I expected the machine to bounce back or catch me and it didn’t. (-1 point)

2. My teacher, who was of course a hottie, had a heavy Eastern-European accent, so I both had no instruction on how to use the equipment and struggled to understand the teacher’s direction.  (0 points I suppose)

3. I felt like we were in a 1980s music video between the loud club music and the synchronized reformer dancing. This made me laugh. (+5 points)

For some visuals, watch this Vogue video of a model at SLT. I looked exactly like that during the class. Finding this video was like meeting my hand twin. 

Even though I missed a walkthrough, by the end I got the hang of it, and was able to do most of the exercises. It’s one of those experiences where during the class you’re sweating but ultimately aren’t sure how much you’re challenging yourself because you only do each movement a few times. Fear not, the next day I was sore.

The class had a ton of planks and squats, which I’m pretty into.

The last thing worth mentioning is how young everyone was. I think I was the oldest person in the class. Maybe because the machine is new and kind of scary younger folks are more ready to try?

They said it takes 5 classes to get the hang of it. But at it’s current price point,  I’m not racing back to make the investment. But if a friend suggested a workout date there, I’d go. That’s where I’m at.

Have you been? Whatja think?



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