My orthotics and my two step

What is cooler than wearing orthotics? Talking about wearing orthotics! Two weeks ago I got fitted for custom orthotics. Since my injury I had been wearing SuperFeet, which are great, but not enough. Last week my orthotics came in and I’ve been wearing them ever since. It’s good stuff, man. My foot is well-positioned and so I feel a lot better. Not healed, but improved.

Last weekend I went down to Amelia Island in Florida with Matt’s family. The goal was to play tennis but even with my orthotics, tennis = ankle murder. I need to get a little stronger before I can play.

But you know what I was able to do? Ride like the wind.

the only one wearing a helmet
the only one wearing a helmet #offroading

We rented bikes and spend the long weekend using them as our main form of transportation. And you know what? I could do it! I LIKED doing it! That’s a huge improvement from my riding less than a year ago.

Last, I did some ad work for a tampon/salad yogurt commercial with my new found cycling skills.

bike riding is so funny!
bike riding is so funny!

Any fun summer plans?



  1. May 6, 2015 / 8:03 pm

    A tampon/salad flavored yogurt doesn’t sound tasty. You must be an amazing marketer to be able to sell that product! 😉

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