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I am not a yoga person. Not regularly at least.  Yes, I went to a yoga farm in Spain (photo below) and yes I spent a weekend at a yoga retreat.  I loved both experiences.  Quite plainly I am a “yes” person. You can pretty much ask me to do anything that requires a plane ride and I’m on board. This might lead some people in the direction of risky behavior. But for me saying yes just means more stretching.

yoga farm spain
namaste, amigo

I read all the hype the hype about Lyons Den Power Yoga, a hot yoga studio in Tribeca and despite my yoga class ADD, I thought if I could even like it a little, a yoga class would be good for injury prevention. Oh and generally mellowing. You read this blog. You know I could probably chill out a little. Let’s just agree to agree.

I also own this Onzie tank and thought it deserved a hot yoga class to sweat in.

Lyons Den offers 60, 75 and 90 minute classes. I had full intention of taking an hour long class but I accidentally  signed up for a 75 minute class. They make it clear on the website. This is what we call in the biz “user error.”


The studio itself is a bit small. The locker room is a sweaty shit show during the 10 minutes when one class ends and another begins. There is not enough space or lockers for everyone during that transition. But the experience is not as frustrating as circumstances would allow it to be.  Everyone is shockingly nice.  I wanted to follow these people on their morning subway commutes and see if it was just their nature.

Entering the yoga room, I eyed a space near the door in the off chance I choked on my own sweat and had to sneak out. I asked a nearby yogi if that spot was taken or if I could place my mat there. She said “FUCK YEA!” and then introduced herself as “Heart.” I could pretty much end my post here, that sums up Lyons Den Power Yoga.

The teacher (Annie) was fantastic. Upbeat. Welcoming. Nonjudgmental. The heat was… so backing this up. It was a full class. Full classes feel hot in rooms where the thermostat is not intentionally set to 94 degrees. So yes, this was humid, and sweaty. At one point during a self-directed child’s pose, Instructor Annie came over and under the guise of an adjustment totally checked my pulse to make sure I wasn’t dead. (Thanks, Annie!) Then she came right out with it and whispered, “You feeling OK?”  75 minutes of humid heat is a lot when you haven’t done hot yoga in…..four years.

The class was wonderful and as challenging as you let it be. Be prepared to have a limb touch a neighbor. Be prepared to be okay with that.

Most crucially, the next day my ankle felt a little better, looser and lighter. I asked my PT about this and she said heat helps your blood flow and increased circulation is pretty good for most joint injuries.

So yea, that was a month ago and I’ve gone once a week since. (The heat gets much easier as time goes on.)

And word to the bang-wearing wise, bring a headband.

post-yoga sweaty hair
post-yoga sweaty hair


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