7 Tips to Navigate the Boutique Fitness World

If you’re going to spend upwards of $30 on an hour of fitness instruction, you want to come prepared and make the most of your experience. Here are 7 ways to help you optimize your next boutique class trip.

1. Newbie Deals. If you want to try a new studio, find out about first-timer deals. You can often find information on the pricing page of a studio’s website but it never hurts to call. Pro Tip: Your first barre class AND your first spin class at Flywheel are both free, but it doesn’t say that anywhere on the site.

2. What’s included. Find out what you need to bring, and more importantly what you don’t. Spin shoe rentals at Flywheel are free, so no need to lug your own pair with you all day to attend a post-work class. Most studios have towels and shower products too. A lot of studios have lockers that have a built-in lock, others require you to bring your own. Check the studio websites’ FAQ to see what you need to bring and what they have. Or call if you’re in sure.

3. Cancellation policies. Most studios in NYC have pretty strict “cancel the day before, before 5pm” rules and if you cancel any closer to class time you lose the class credit – and your $34. But, the people who work at fitness studios are often kind, reasonable people. If you’re outside of the cancellation window, give them a call, explain what got in your way and more often then not, they will let you reschedule the class without losing the credit.

4. What to wear. Find out what you need in advance. You have to wear socks to take a Physique57 class. If you don’t bring a pair with you, be prepared to spend $15 bucks on socks in their shop.

5. Deals on Class Packs. Looking for a deal? GiltCity, Groupon and Amazon Local all regularly feature well-priced class packs.

6. Reviews. If you want to try a new instructor or a new class, check them out first on Rate Your Burn. You can find out how high impact the class is, what kind of tunes the instructor is likely to play, and any common gripes past participants have listed.

7. Your spot. Sit/stand wherever the eff you want. I don’t think you need to earn the front row. If choosing a spot close to the instructor helps you concentrate, go there. Just keep in mind people will by default watch you, so try to look like you’re having fun. If the class requires choreography, keep in mind that not all teachers demonstrate. Some wander the room to make adjustments. So if you’re new, you may want to sit further back to be able to see more of your peers demonstrate.

Any other tips?


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