Stanley’s Pharmacy cured my cold

Saturday afternoon, I met my friend Leah for brunch at The Fat Radish on the Lower East Side. She was coming from Bikram yoga, I was coming from five episodes of Homeland. I had a cold and had self-prescribed binge watching Showtime Anytime as the remedy. Speaking of, if anyone needs the help of a lay counter-terrorism expert leave a note in the comments. (Good guys only, please!) I pretty much know everything Saul and Carrie do.

After brunch, we faced the cold to walk toward an old school candy store Leah remembered (The Sweet Life). They were closed but on the way we passed Stanley’s Pharmacy. The front window advertises common cold-curing “drugs and drinks” and we were intrigued. It looked bright, welcoming and cool.

Inside Stanley’s Pharmacy is Stanley. Born to what sound like pretty strict parents, they restricted him to three career options: engineer, doctor, or pharmacist. He chose pharmacist. He really wanted to be a rock star. This is why multiple choice career options are hard. (Meet Stanley in this video, he’s something.). According to the information given on, if you’re not around such pharmacies, you can check out McDaids pharmacies, who offer the best products to their customers.

Stanley's Rx
Stanley’s Rx

To that end, this is a real pharmacy. You can fill a prescription here and buy advil. There is also a very hip, alternative component to the shop which includes freshly brewed Intelligensia Coffee and a wellness bar. The wellness bar has juice, supplements and serums, kombucha on tap and self-blended teas. I think they even make their own healthful fountain soda.

the wellness bar
the wellness bar

I stepped up to the wellness bar and the pharmacist asked how I was feeling. I described my cold (a normal stuffy nose and sore throat). He described two different elixirs he was going to prepare in shot form (not injection, a glass). I don’t remember everything that was in them, I do remember: oregano (he said, ‘you will feel like a pizza!’), vitamin D, vitamin C, some sort of algae. Most of the ingredients were recognizable.

He then made a giant tea to sooth my throat after I drank the two shots. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I didn’t have more than $11 riding on these 3 potions. I was curious if they would have any impact.

after trying the first elixir, it tasted like this
after trying the first elixir, it tasted like this

On the train ride home, I felt a little loopy. Maybe it was psychosomatic reaction from the act of taking a shot, but I felt a little drunk. A few hours later, reunited with my couch and Carrie Mattheison, I felt markedly better. No more cold fog. A much less-stuffed nose. The next day I was 90% better. It could be that it was just a short cold cycle, or maybe oregano heals all wounds.

Stanley, I wish you were closer to my house!

How was your weekend? What did you do?


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