One Day and a call for advice!

This weekend, on a rare lazy Saturday morning, I re-watched the movie One Day.  

It’s the worst kept secret that the book is a guilty pleasure for me. The movie, if assessed with any sort of critical eye, is terrible. It’s hard to follow, Anne Hathaway’s British accent is weird at best, and it’s just too sad without having earned it. (The book EARNS it.) But if you loved the book, just dipping in to the story in any form can be stirring. I think it’s just an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia or sentimentalism for the novel itself. Which if you haven’t gotten yet, I was pretty taken with.

This is all a long winded way of saying: I spent Saturday morning crying with noise on my couch watching a movie that got a 36% on Rotten Tomatoes.

One Day
You should read this book. David Nichols is the voice inside my head. I will name my future children  Dexter and Emma.

With that emotionally jarring start to the day, I got up and started straightening up the apartment. Something about feeling moved or impassioned makes me want to organize. I got to my dresser and saw my (only) half marathon medal. I’m not sure why I’ve kept it out. I guess I imagined I’d amass a few of them and then figure out what to do with them. I decided looking at it every day is dispiriting and tucked it into a drawer. Also, clutter is the devil. So you know, feng shui points awarded.

This week I had a second cortisone shot. This time the doctor used an ultrasound, so hopefully it went into the right place. That was 3 days ago now, and so far it hasn’t been curative. I think it will be definitive one way or another in a few days. To be rid if of this nagging (and painful) ankle BS would be incredible. Fingers and toes crossed.

web md
my doctor gets his medical information the same place I do

I’m meant to actually be off of it – not even a long walk – till it feels better.

So I’m seeking real advice.

Has anyone else had an injury that lasted this long? How did you handle it? How did you stay sane?

Also tell me you’ve read One Day!?

PS Right now Matt is in a Physique57 class and I am on our couch. Is it opposite day? Freaky Friday? (Physique offered him a free class after reading his thoughts on their classes here.)


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