Dinner anticipation is dialed to 11

I ordered dinner from Reviver about 90 minutes ago. The sort-of-cute and shockingly hipster bike messenger has visited my door twice, but both times without my order. So this post is unlikely to be a food review.

I have been a bit of a slacker blogger recently and I’m here to come clean. It’s not that I’ve turned into a couch potato, I’ve just been doing my usual fitness things:

  • Physique (usually Mat 57)
  • Flywheel
  • complaining about my ankle/physical therapy

The big change in my workout world is that I joined a gym. I quit Equinox last summer in favor of running and boutique fitness classes. It just didn’t make sense to pay for both the ‘nox and those $35 a pop classes when most of my workouts were outdoor runs anyway. But between my ankle injury and the cold weather, I missed being able to do a self-guided weights workout or just pop in without paying per class or committing to a schedule.

a closed Columbus Ave
a closed Columbus Ave

I looked at Equinox but to join the Equinox/Reebok operation near my house would cost over $300 a month with a mandatory 12 month commitment. So that was a no since I still plan on following Ryan Makely to spin classes all around the 212.

My old office had a NYSC in it’s basement and I got a pretty sweet deal, one that allows me to both have gym access and still reason out my boutique fitness habit.

Matt joined the gym too, so now I have a gym walking pal. But not a gym buddy. We get there, and with a knowing nod like two characters in a Western, we split up until it’s time for Matt to hover when he’s ready to go.

What’s new with you, fitness wise?

PS. The food arrived. It looks and tastes like a Lean Cuisine. NO POINTS AWARDED.


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