A family of athletes – or something like that

Reporting live from my parents’ house! Happy Thanksgiving!

I took the train out to the ‘burbs last night to spend Thanksgiving with my family.

We are a small bunch at Thanksgiving – just my immediate family – but my mom and I were talking about adding some new traditions this year. We both like to run (she ran a 5 miler in Central Park this month and placed 6th in her age group!!) so we convinced my dad and sister to do a Turkey Trot in the town next to ours.

Neither my dad nor my sister had run a race before. My dad was an easy sell. He’s not a runner but he is very fit and has a competitive edge. Getting my sister on board was a bit tricker. Like most sibling relationships, there is a natural push and pull. I danced the delicate tightrope of pre-race chat:  being SUPER enthusiastic about the race, spun with a light “devil may care”/do whatever you want ‘tude. Eventually she agreed. Though, still with lackluster enthusiasm. (See below)

Pre-Turkey Trot Family Photo
Pre-Turkey Trot Family Photo

Over 1000 people gathered at Oyster Bay High School and it some how happened that my mom and I corralled up front and my dad and my sister toward the back. I was a little nervous about my ankle but there was no turning back after all the hype.

I ran with my mom – who ran an incredible race – we did 10 minute miles flat. No change. 31 minutes even for 3.1 miles. The route took us by the Oyster Bay Harbor which was a delightful change of speed. I expected a residential route and it was actually pretty diverse and scenic.

My mom, crushing it
My mom, crushing it

My dad and my sister finished (though not together) with big smiles on their faces. My mom and I were thrilled. Everyone ran their own race and found they ACTUALLY LIKED IT. My dad and my sister both over-dressed (as one does for their first cold race). They were excitedly gabbing about what they might do differently next time, and my mom and I were pretty stoked about that. #ThereWillBeANextTime

Most important, I made a friend
Most important, I made a friend

I hadn’t run in about a month, but after 1.5 miles I was back in the zone. It felt like a huge relief to bounce back into the running groove.

The Winners' Circle (Post-race family pic)
The Winners’ Circle (Post-race family pic)

In general, I really like the new emphasis on a pre-meal workout on Thanksgiving. I think it’s nice to do an activity with your family – whether it’s a football game, a spin class or a race – before sitting down to a big meal. Sharing endorphins with your family is probably more rare than sharing a meal, so I’m glad we added this to our Thanksgiving roster.

Did you do any Thanksgiving family fitness?



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      November 29, 2014 / 9:26 pm

      Thanks Mom!

  1. December 1, 2014 / 1:19 pm

    Wow great blog. Well done. 🙂

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