Life versus Running

The not-running part of being a runner is getting in my way.

Before I went to Ecuador, I was the race-training fairy princess. I followed Hal Higdon’s plan to the note. I did speed work. I saw improvement. It felt terrific.

I knew the early fall was full of travel for me, but with magical dreams, I figured I wouldn’t need to slack on running while abroad. But a few things happened, which could all be summed up with the word “reality” or ” “very real excuses.”  In Ecuador, I got a stomach virus and was also knocked out by Quito’s high altitude. Canyoning banged up my ankle which flared up an old sprain.  That meant no running for about 10 days.

canyoning in banos
potentially injuring myself
When we got back to NY, I was still pretty shakey from the stomach illness (and pretty malnourished from my simple BRAT diet). But when I felt up to it, I set out to run 3 miles in the holy land called Central Park. I am going to be squishy and emotional but stick with me: I teared up on that run. I was so happy after a 12 day hiatus to be back in the game that my eyes welled up. I felt lucky to be in Central Park. To be running and sweating and moving.

I attempted a 10 mile run  later that week but I was only able to do 8.7 miles and they didn’t feel great. They felt hard. But I was still happy to be running. I am one of those people now.

Dressed to run but went for a swim
Dressed to run but went for a swim

Then, I left for a 10 day work(ish) trip to Israel, Austria and Slovakia. I only got in two short runs. They weren’t easy and my ankle does not feel back to normal. I am never sure how much ankle pain is OK to run with and what amount will make it worse.

The Hamptons Half is on less than a week. I am not sure if I should run it. I am thinking I should try and just stop if it feels bad. And also, try not to race (which is a major bummer).

Anyone have any advice? What can I do this week to rehab my ankle or get back in the game?



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