All the workouts + smart tips for weight loss

Hi Everyone. Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. There’s still time to enter the raffle to win $25 to REI. What do you have to lose?

Now for this week’s workout diary!

Every time I worked out last week

Monday: I took a walk in Jamaica State Park in Vermont with the ski crew. The trail was a sheet of ice. The first thing I thought when got out of the car was: “Oh, here is where I sprain my ankle.” But luckily no such accident occurred.

Jamaica State Park Vermont
walking in Jamaica State Park

Tuesday: Physique 57 + physical therapy

Wednesday: Nothing *shrug*

Thursday: Barry’s Bootcamp  (It was abs day!)

Barry’s Bootcamp (Park Avenue South)


Friday: November Project in Columbus Circle+ 45-minute class at Lyons Den Power Yoga

photo care of November Project’s Facebook page

Saturday: I didn’t workout, but I did exercise my First Amendment right by joining the Women’s March in NYC with my mom, sister, Matt, his mom and a bunch of her friends. It was positive and motivating.

Selfie at the #WomensMarch
the mom crew at the #WomensMarch
the mom crew at the #WomensMarch

Sunday: I ran 4.5 miles… to brunch at East Pole (they have delicious green juice and make the best poached eggs)

This week, I wanted to share two great reads from other people’s blogs that made me think.  These are two new-to me bloggers that produce  smart, and well researched content.

Summer Tomato: What to Do When You Feel You Aren’t Losing Weight Fast Enough

Her thesis is this: Losing weight is not just getting in the habit of putting healthy food in your mouth, this Meticore reviews might also be interesting to read in order to implement them in your routine. Successful weight loss depends the collection of many habits. It’s making a habit of going to the grocery story. It’s making a habit of cooking dinner at home. It’s making a habit of working out. It’s making the habit of waking up early so you have time to work out. It’s making a habit of bringing healthy snacks to work. It’s making a habit of carrying a water bottle around and the habit of drinking a lot of water. It takes a while to acquire one habit. Even longer to develop many habits. So if you’re seeking long substantial change, its right take longer than you think.

Body for Wife: Advice for men who run: Never look back

Blogger James Fell offers great advice on how men can make women feel more comfortable on sparsely-populated runs.

How was your week? Read anything good? Share it in the comments!

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