All the workouts + smart tips for weight loss

Hi Everyone. Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. There’s still time to enter the raffle to win $25 to REI. What do you have to lose?

Now for this week’s workout diary!

Every time I worked out last week

Monday: I took a walk in Jamaica State Park in Vermont with the ski crew. The trail was a sheet of ice. The first thing I thought when got out of the car was: “Oh, here is where I sprain my ankle.” But luckily no such accident occurred.

Jamaica State Park Vermont
walking in Jamaica State Park

Tuesday: Physique 57 + physical therapy

Wednesday: Nothing *shrug*

Thursday: Barry’s Bootcamp  (It was abs day!)

Barry’s Bootcamp (Park Avenue South)


Friday: November Project in Columbus Circle+ 45-minute class at Lyons Den Power Yoga

photo care of November Project’s Facebook page

Saturday: I didn’t workout, but I did exercise my First Amendment right by joining the Women’s March in NYC with my mom, sister, Matt, his mom and a bunch of her friends. It was positive and motivating.

Selfie at the #WomensMarch
the mom crew at the #WomensMarch
the mom crew at the #WomensMarch

Sunday: I ran 4.5 miles… to brunch at East Pole (they have delicious green juice and make the best poached eggs)

This week, I wanted to share two great reads from other people’s blogs that made me think.  These are two new-to me bloggers that produce  smart, and well researched content.

Summer Tomato: What to Do When You Feel You Aren’t Losing Weight Fast Enough

Her thesis is this: Losing weight is not just getting in the habit of putting healthy food in your mouth. Successful weight loss depends the collection of many habits. It’s making a habit of going to the grocery story. It’s making a habit of cooking dinner at home. It’s making a habit of working out. It’s making the habit of waking up early so you have time to work out. It’s making a habit of bringing healthy snacks to work. It’s making a habit of carrying a water bottle around and the habit of drinking a lot of water. It takes a while to acquire one habit. Even longer to develop many habits. So if you’re seeking long substantial change, its right take longer than you think.

Body for Wife: Advice for men who run: Never look back

Blogger James Fell offers great advice on how men can make women feel more comfortable on sparsely-populated runs.

How was your week? Read anything good? Share it in the comments!

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