All the workouts: Mexico/end of 2016 edition

Happy New Year! Long time no post, I know. I was away for the holidays. Matt and I spent a week and a half in Mexico starting in Mexico City, and moving to Puebla, Oaxaca, Puerto Vallerta and Sayulita.

We had heard mixed things about some of the places on our itinerary before we set off, but we ended up truly loving everywhere we went, especially Mexico City. We had a wonderful trip and if you’re considering a visit to any of those places, let me know and I’d love to talk your ear off.

I’m going to combine the last two weeks into one post. Here it goes.

12/19 Monday (NYC): Nothing

12/20 Tuesday (NYC): Mile High Run Club’s new class called “Dirty 30.” 30 minutes of running intervals, nothing else. I really liked it.

12/21 Wednesday (NYC): I tried WundaBar Pilates and went for a 2-mile run. I thought WundaBar was only OK.

Wundabar Pilates – big in LA and now in downtown NYC
flying to Mexico City
flying to Mexico City

12/22 Thursday (Mexico City): No dedicated workout but I did walk nearly 15 miles exploring the city.

12/23 Friday (Mexico City): I ran 4 miles in Mexico City’s Chapultepec Park. At a elevation of 7400 feet, it was not easy. This park was gorgeous, green and huge. I’d recommend it to any runner visiting the city. Having a running watch is terrific when traveling out of the country. Using Strava would have been stupidly expensive with roaming fees.

running in Chapultepec park
running in Chapultepec Park


12/24 Saturday (Mexico City + Puebla):  No deliberate exercise but walked 10 miles exploring Mexico City and Puebla (another city in Mexico)

12/25 Sunday (Puebla): Didn’t work out!

12/26 Monday (Oaxaca): Matt and I were in Oaxaca, Mexico for a few nights. On Christmas, we met a guy who happened to be the coach of Harvard’s Track and Field team. Of course, we asked him if he found a place to run, and he told us about a nearby track. We checked it out and I ran over 3 miles. It was gorgeous, both well-maintained and with excellent views. We still struggled with the high elevation, though.

Track in Oaxaca, Mexico
Track in Oaxaca, Mexico

12/27 Tuesday (Oaxaca): Didn’t work out. Matt and I still kept active by walking a ton every day we didn’t participate in a dedicated work out.

12/28 Wednesday (Puerto Vallerta): Didn’t work out

12/29 Thursday (Puerto Vallerta/Sayulita): Our hotel in PV had a gym, so we did a little morning workout. I did 5-minutes of various planks and some arm work.

our only gym workout of the trip

12/30 Friday (Sayulita): I took a surf lesson in Sayulita, Mexico (more on this in a later post) I don’t have any photos because I didn’t bring my phone to the beach.

12/31 Saturday (Sayulita): I took a second surf lesson!

surfing in Punta Mita

1/1 Sunday (Sayulita): Didn’t work out (flew home to NYC)

How was your holiday? Did you take anytime off?

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