The Full Story: How I learned to ride a bike as an adult

Three years ago, at age 29, I could not ride a bike. Since then I’ve competed in a Duathlon (Run-Bike-Run), biked in foreign countries (Iceland, Colombia), and logged miles on Manhattan’s busy streets.

I wouldn’t believe it was possible so I wanted to share the story of my journey.

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Here’s the story of how I learned to ride a bike:

May 2014: I set a goal to learn how to ride a bike.

Mission: Ride a Bike

June 2014: Matt takes me to Riverside Park for my first lesson. We coincidentally wear matching outfits.

Mission Ride a Bike: Lesson 1

June 2014: I freak out while riding a bike in Great Barrington, MA.

Mission Ride a Bike: Biking down hills, near cars and related tragedies

June 2014: I attend an adult bike riding class on Roosevelt Island. It is weird and amazing.

Mission Ride a Bike: Nicole goes to adult biking school

October 2014: I take the level two class at adult biking riding school and get an A+ (there were not technically grades so I had to grade myself).

Mission Ride a Bike: Back in the saddle

June 2015: Victory is mine! Matt and I bike to Coney Island from uptown Manhattan (and on my very own bike!)

Mission Ride a Bike: ACCOMPLISHED

August 2015: I ride my bike through Summer Streets (aka down Park Ave).

PSA: Go to NYC Summer Streets on Saturday

August 2015: I bike around Reykjavik,Iceland with my best pal Tricia but didn’t write a post about it!

biking around Iceland with Tricia

October 2015: I compete in the Central Park Duathlon on a hybrid bike. I am the only person not clipped in. My bike chain comes off twice.

Recap: New York Duathlon 2015

January 2016: Matt and I bike around Bogota, Colombia

A Bogota Bike Tour

Can you ride a bike? Is there something you’ve wanted to learn to do? (Matt’s been learning to surf!)

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