All the workouts: Thanksgiving 2016 + Gilmore Girls Revival edition

Happy Tuesday!

Coming back to the real world after Thanksgiving is tough. I had a busy weekend with visits to my parents’ house in Long Island, Matt’s uncle’s home in NJ, my college bestie’s first grown up home (with husband and brand new baby included!) in Dobbs Ferry,  and more and more and more.

I made a real rookie mistake of going to SoHo on Black Friday (I was headed to a yoga class in Nolita). I forgot that throngs of people actually shop in stores and not on exclusively on the internet. (Can someone explain to me why?)

But let’s also discuss another place I spent a lot of (emotional) time: Stars Hollow. I admit it. (Will you admit it too?!) The Gilmore Girls revival was timed perfectly to maximize nostalgia on Thanksgiving weekend. I’m the same age as the fictional Rory Gilmore and totally bought into that admittedly annoying fast-paced dialogue 15+ years ago when the show first aired. This weekend, I fell down the rabbit hole and watched the four new episodes (after some clearly necessary refresher binge watching of the old seasons). Anyone else watch it? I felt like everyone I saw this weekend was watching it, too. (But I also thought everyone in the country was voting for Hillary Clinton, so what do I know?)

borrowed from the Mirror
The mother/daughter leads were famous for consuming large amounts of unhealthy food and never working out; and in fact mocking women who did workout. When I was 20 (and so was Rory, the daughter) it seemed believable, now I want to call total bullshit. I’m fairly certain part of Rory’s failure-to-launch/journey-to-find-herself struggle in NYC would involve paying $36 for SoulCycle, many, many times. But whatever. Fiction.

Anyway here is a recap of last week’s workouts:

Monday: Refine Method

Tuesday: Nothing

Wednesday: Core Fusion at Exhale. I had Alexander as a teacher for the first time and at first couldn’t make up my mind about him. In the end, he won me over. The front desk at Exhale at Central Park South is a little weird. They seem to never be able to find anyone’s name at check in, so a line forms. Since I always show up as class is starting, this is a problem for me. This never happens at Physique 57, FWIW.

turkey trot
post-race with the fam
Thursday: I ran the North Shore Turkey Trot with my mom (at her pace) than an extra mile or so on my own. So 4.25 miles total. (My whole fam ran the race!)

Friday: Refine Method plus a failed attempt at yoga at Golden Bridge Yoga in Tribeca. I found it on ClassPass.  The class was titled “Gentle Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.” So really, it’s my fault. I hoped the class would be restorative yoga-ish but the the truth is I don’t really know what Kundalini yoga is. Turns out its lots of chanting in a language I don’t understand while trying to throw out your back.

I knew once I entered the studio this wasn’t going to be for me. The teacher was sitting atop a podium surrounded by a giant gong and a 5 foot tall gold-plated Buddha statue. I thought that was cool. The real issue was when she nervously asked if anyone was new. How could it be so bad to be new to a class with gentle in the title? I assumed in my years of yoga I had tried Kundalini at some point so when my eyes met the instructor’s I said “Oh, I’m not new. I’ve just never been to this studio before.” But 25 minutes of chanting, counting my breath and gyrating using only my spine was enough for me. I grabbed my belongings and slipped out. I ran a few doors down to Maman where I rewarded my efforts with their beloved Chocolate Chip cookie.

Saturday: I took a Beginner class at Physique 57 and ran 2 miles. I intended on a longer run but I didn’t eat before class and was famished. So I stopped running and went to get breakfast.  As much as I love Tavern on the Green To Go, their egg wrap was so weird and the experience of getting it was blah. First, it’s made exclusively for Cool Hand Luke because it has 50 eggs in it. It’s  the size of a Chipotle burrito. Plus its only egg whites, which I thought was a phase we were over.  Second, it took 15 minutes to make. Which is fine if you’re in a restaurant but a very long time to wait in the cold in your running clothes.
Sunday: Nothing

How was your Thanksgiving weekend? Tell me everything!

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