6 reasons I love Refine Method

Hey ladies and gents. I mentioned last week that I’m participating in Refine Method’s Take 2 challenge (it’s not too late to join me!). This means I’ve committed to taking two Refine Method classes a week from now until December 18. While I am not new to Refine, I’ve spent a bunch more time there recently, and I’ve fallen head over heels for the place.

Male readers take note: Unlike some other studios, there are ALWAYS men in Refine Method classes, so know this is a safe space for you.

Here is why I’m smitten:

It’s an efficient workout
A Refine class is only 50 minutes long but I always leave feeling sore and accomplished. Since the workout is less than an hour, I always feel like the class flies by. The class content varies each time, so it never gets boring. The workout is broken up into short intervals so it’s easy to give it your all without getting in your own head.

pre-class @ Refine Method
pre-class @ Refine Method

They’ve got great instructors (who play great music, too)
Without fail, I’ve liked every instructor whose class I’ve had the pleasure of taking. Refine instructors are excellent at giving personal attention without making you feel like a spaz. Mostly because they give personal attention to EVERYONE, including those who look like they could use a deeper challenge. (Though I am never in that category.)

refine method
borrowed from the Refine FB page

Beautiful, unique studio
I just love the UWS location. It’s clean and cool. I love that the room has a clock (a quirk of mine) and that it has windows (another quirk). The view isn’t great but I hate working out in a windowless room. It also only holds about 20 people (maybe less) keeping the class intimate.

Refine Method
Refine Method

It’s near my apartment
Unless you’re Matt, or otherwise live near me, this may not apply to you. I frequent the 72nd and Columbus location of Refine. It’s a really doable spot for me which makes all of the difference when I want to stay in bed in the pre-dawn hours. (When I want to take a pre-work Fhitting Room class I need to ride the struggle bus, aka the M66 to the east side and it’s a real drag/deterrent.)

Refine Method
this is how close Refine is to my favorite coffee shop, Muffins Cafe (because I am not going to give the internet direction to my house). Pro Tip: Try the lemon yogurt bread at Muffins mmmmm

No line for showers
I am hesitant to write this one out of genuine concern you will all show up at 7am and race me to the showers. The UWS spot only two showers, but there is never a line. At Barry’s Bootcamp and at Peloton the struggle is oh so real. You need to tack on another 15 minutes to your morning routine to be spent standing dangerously close next to other sweaty women as you wait your turn to shower. Not at Refine.

Everyone is nice
I am surprised how much this matters to me, but it does. I love Physique 57 (as you’ve heard me say countless times). But in all my years of attending their studios across the city and in the Hamptons, I can count the number of conversations with strangers I’ve had on one hand, it’s just not the vibe. Refine somehow has created a friendly community. As I got ready for work one morning after class (so before 8am, still the wee morning hours), I naturally started shooting the shit with everyone around me. I realized it wasn’t the first time it happened at Refine.

I’m not the only one who loves Refine. I’m in good company with Ashley and Dori.

Have you tried Refine Method? What’s your favorite fitness studio?


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