All the workouts: 10/3-10/9

Oh hello! Last week was probably one of my most fierce weeks in a while. Not so much this week. But I had fun.

Monday: Physique 57in the am. It was the first day of Rosh Hashanah and I have a personal tradition of waking up early to work out before the long sit at temple.

Tuesday: Nothing.

Wednesday: I took a pretty meh Peloton class. The music was blah and I never really hit my stride.

Thursday: Nothing. I had P57 on the books but choose sleep over going.

Friday: Nothing, but a beautiful nothing in East Lawrencetown in Nova Scotia.

Lawrencetown Beach
Lawrencetown Beach

Saturday: Ran 3 miles on a beautiful trail in Nova Scotia. Matt and I spent the weekend in Eastern Canada to celebrate our friend Camilla’s birthday. (For some Cuckoolemon history, this is the time Camilla ran the NYC marathon, and I fell in love with it.)

This was my first run in over three weeks since I only just got my new orthotics. Such a beautiful place to get back in the game. We also went on a gorgeous hike.

hike in Nova Scotia
hike in Nova Scotia

Sunday: I ran 3 miles on the same trail with a pal.

hiking in Lawerencetown

How was your week?

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