Real talk and last week’s meager workouts

It’s time for a bit of real talk. I’m all about fitness, healthy eating  and balance but let’s be real. I’m not perfect. Or remotely close.

I was a bit of a stress mess last week. A series of events collided, and I just got a bit overwhelmed, and when I am overwhelmed I plan. I take action. I’m the opposite of an avoider. I’m a crazed doer. And lucky for me, there is a big fat event coming up for me to plan: my wedding.

I’m not a super frilly lady. I don’t wear make up (mostly because I don’t know how) and the only time my hair gets blow dried is if I pay DryBar or RPZL to do it. I can’t name any flowers on sight other then roses and sunflowers. In middle school, I got a B- in a class called Mechanical Drawing because I could not draw a straight line with a ruler, so it is safe to say I’m not artistic or crafty.

I naively thought my lack of preference on wedding stuff would prevent wedding planning from bugging me out. But I was wrong and last week I was a live wire. I can be a bit type A (as I’ve mentioned) and my perfectionism/need-to-control-things tendency was making me a bit nuts. So even if I wasn’t trying to fulfill a childhood wedding vision, my lifelong want to do everything “right” made executing on small decisions an annoying 19-step verification process… and not much fun.

So needless to say, planning did not make me less stressed, as it often does. But you know what did? Working out.

Luckily, last weekend was the first time I was home in New York (for a weekend) since early August. I really needed it. Saturday I got out of the city and went to Storm King ( I love this place) and had a relaxing dinner with an old friend. Sunday I took a trip to my long lost heaven: Lyon’s Den for a hot yoga class. I feel like a new, calmer person.

And I hope to keep it up. More yoga, less planning, what a revolutionary idea.

Here’s what happened workout-wise last week

Monday- Thursday: Didn’t work out, because I had stomach virus that knocked me out

Friday: Peloton spin class. This was the first Peloton class I didn’t love. It was an 80s-themed class, but it was obscure 80s songs, so there wasn’t much singing along. The instructor also had us sitting on the bike plainly for the first 3 songs, which was a bit dull.

Saturday: I took a terrific FlyWheel class with a new instructor Charles Meredith. His music was excellent and he oozed positivity and energy.

Sunday: I went to Mecca Tribeca for a lovely Power Beats class at Lyon’s Den. Happy place. I was meant to run the Bronx Ten Miler but I still haven’t made new orthotics.

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How’s your week?


  1. September 26, 2016 / 8:49 pm

    I totally understand. I’m also like you and I went thru wedding planning last year. I was so happy when it was all over.

    I hired experts and let them decide a lot of it. My caterer chose my menu. My florist chose my flowers and wedding colors. Tip hire a day of wedding coordinator. I didn’t and ran to run around coordinating everything. A day of would have made the day better.

    • Nicole
      September 27, 2016 / 4:31 pm

      Thank you, appreciate the advice and kind words.

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