All the workouts 7/18-7/24

Hey hey hey. How’s your week going?

I have two big races coming up: the Bronx 10-miler on September 25 and the Hamptons Half on October 1. I’ve been majorly slacking on running because I’ve been traveling and it’s just too hot out there. Last week, I laced up my sneakers and ran some pretty short distances, and I’m slowly acclimating to the heat. Does anyone have any tips for running in the heat? Other than don’t do it?

Here’s what went down last week.

7/18 (Monday): Didn’t work out

7/19 (Tuesday): 3-mile run in the morning. I really had to push myself out the door to get this done. My iPod shuffle is missing in action, so I ran without music. (This used to be the ultimate test of mental toughness, and now running without music is just fine, though not preferred.)

the bridge in Miami I did not run over

7/20 (Wednesday): I was in Miami for work and I had big plans to run over this bridge (photo above!).  I woke up at 5:30am, got dressed. I looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find my socks. I forgot to pack them. Such a rookie mistake. Instead I did a short abs and arms workout in the hotel gym. (I ran over the bridge in February.)

Just another sad hotel gym selfie.
Just another sad hotel gym selfie (sans socks)

7/21 (Thursday): Sculpt class at Uplift and 2.25 mile run. (I set out to run for 20 minutes and that’s how far I got.) I got to Uplift a few minutes late, and then my water bottle opens up and spilled all over the floor of the classroom. I like to make an entrance. (Just kidding, I was pretty embarrassed.)

first run in ages. what me whip (i mean run really slowly)
first run in ages. watch me whip (by “whip” i mean run really slowly)

7/22: (Friday)Physique 57 Signature class at the 57th Street location

7/23 (Saturday): I was in Westhampton celebrating my pal Lesley at her bachelorette party. I ran 3 miles in the peak noon sun. It was pretty rough but it felt good to sweat.

Bonus:  This is a photo of Lesley (the bachelorette) with the two guys to most recently get kicked off ABC’s The Bachelorette. #Meta

7/24 (Sunday): 3.4 mile morning run in Westhampton. It was boiling hot but I found the shaded streets this time and started about an hour earlier than I did on Saturday. Those two things made a big difference.

How was your week? How do you beat the heat? Did you try any new workouts?

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