ClassPass hikes fee, get these fitness deals instead


UPDATED (4/29)

So ClassPass is raising their monthly fee from $125 for unlimited classes to $190 for existing members and $200 for newbies. You can still pay $125 a month but you’ll be limited to 10 classes each billing period (which is a month in length but won’t necessarily start on the first of the month, for example mine resets on the 27th, aka today).

I don’t blame ClassPass. There are countless articles on how expensive it is to run a boutique studio. It’s a small business like any other. Maybe the rent in New York is just too damn high. Using ClassPass, studios take in even fewer dollars per client then they do when they fill classes at-cost.

Still, from a consumer’s standpoint, it obviously sucks to pay more for the same service. So I’ve culled together a list of fitness deals going on right now. Snag them, so if you quit ClassPass, or effectively downgrade your membership, you have a back up plan.

Before I dig in, don’t forget there are lots of free ways to workout (part 1, part 2) in NYC.

Fitness deals going on right now in NYC (UPDATED!):

I’ll keep you updated on noteworthy deals I see. I imagine studios will start to offer packages to lure you away at this moment of decision.

What’s your plan? Will you upgrade you membership? Quit altogether? 

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