Every time I worked out last week (3/28- 4/3)

Hello! How is your week going? Last week for me was largely about taking it easy so I didn’t head to the Cherry Blossom 10 miler sore. Here’s what went down.

Monday: Didn’t work out.

Tuesday: Didn’t work out. (Cut me some slack, the week before was pretty intense.)

Wednesday: 4-mile run that felt prett-ay great. (Even if Garmin reports I had a heart attack during mile 1.)

garmin strava heart rate
So this is why people warm up before working out.

Thursday: YogaCHARGED at The Movement. This is a yoga class for millennials. It’s not just yoga. It’s yoga while listening to hip hop while clutching a stretchable band. It’s yoga in a very dark room, balancing on one foot while shaking a long shake weight. (Really, we did that.) In conclusion, I like it, but it wasn’t zen.

FullSizeRender (48).jpg
Friday: 2 mile run + Reformer/Chair class at Pilates on 5th. I want to talk a little about Pilates on 5th. Most fitness studios in NYC try to be hip or at least welcoming. Pilates on 5th is like the plastic cover on top of your grandma’s couch. It’s the opposite of cool. Nearly every surface in the studio has a laminated sign (in multicolored font) that instructs you how not to interact with something. Instead of being motivated, you are preemptively being yelled at. Here is just a sampling of the signs:

Pilates on 5th
Cool lamination.

The class itself was good, but it’s not my scene. They made me fill out a 2-page new student form that asked for the address of my emergency contact. I don’t get it. In an emergency are they going to send my mom a postcard? Dear Susan, I hope this finds you well. A fortnight ago, your daughter fell off our reformer machine. Please find her at Lenox Hill hospital telling everyone who will listen about it. Yours, Pilates on 5th.

Saturday: Didn’t work out

Sunday: Cherry Blossom 10 miler!! Read the recap here.

Bonus: This New Yorker Shouts & Murmurs piece was obviously based on a true story:”What the Women from My Beginners’ Dance Class Definitely Said About Me After I Left”

Excerpt: “Listen, it’s common knowledge—if you don’t already know all the moves, you shouldn’t be coming to a beginners’ dance class.”

How was your week? Did you race? Did you get blown away by gale force winds?

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