Every time I worked out last week (2/29 -3/6)

Hellooooo, March!

Save for Monday (because I got in late from Miami Sunday night) I am back in morning workout mode this week. I wouldn’t say getting out of bed in the pre-dawn hours is easy, but it’s doable, so I’m doing it.

Here’s what went down:

Monday: Back to Peloton for a post-work spin class. The instructor played “Bug a Boo” by Destiny’s Child which is now the 2nd best musical moment of my fitness career. (I once heard Jai-Ho! at Physique 57 and so far nothing can surpass how much I smiled.) I was assigned a bike in the front row and eye contact with the instructor definitely made me work harder.

Tuesday: Went for a pre-work 3.25 mile run in Central Park. The goal of this run was to get my mojo back. I started intentionally slow and I think that pacing plus the cloud-free skies worked their magic.

Wednesday: Pre-work mat class at a new-to-me studio called Core Pilates NYC. Classes are held in an open, airy, sun-filled filled space. This studio has all the loveliness of one of bigger, known studios but none of the pretense. I can’t believe I hadn’t tried this place before since it’s so close to my office. I’m sure I’ll be back.

Core Pilates NYC
The mat class area (sans mats) at Core Pilates NYC

Thursday: Took a pre-work High 45 class at Mile High Run Club. This was my first visit to their NoMad location. The 25th street studio is bright and new. One downside: the locker room isn’t constructed to accommodate the 30 women smushed inside attempting to get ready for work. I ran about 4 miles in the form of sprints and breaks. The first 20 minutes were brutal and then I sped up and chilled out, as one does.

Mile High Run Club

Friday: Didn’t work out. I was signed up for Pop Physique (which I’ve been meaning to try for a long time) but I woke up and felt burnt out so I went back to sleep. FOR TWO MORE HOURS.

Saturday: I had a long day in the suburbs planned, but needed to get a training run in so I woke up very early and ran 6.3 miles in Central Park. I wasn’t super fast but didn’t stop at all. It was cold. I was happy I did it.

running map central park
how to run 6 miles in Central Park and avoid Harlem Hills (example one of many)

Sunday: I made my first visit to the beloved Earth Yoga, a yoga studio in the very east 60s. I took a called called “Yoga Tune Up Body Rolling.” We used massage balls (like these) and concentrated exclusively on our shoulders. It was amazing. The teacher made a lot of “balls” jokes, which was a treat.

What did you get into last week? Another question: do you have a scale in your home?

Last, does anyone else read Leo Babauta’s  Zen Habits blog? I do and recently it’s been resonating with me. Take a look at this recent piece called “Why we struggle with change.” Would love to hear what you think if you read it.

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