Every time I worked out last week (1/25 – 1/31)

Oh hey what’s up hello. (Yes I’m still into that song.) This week I slowly eased back into running. Nothing fancy, I maxed out at 2 miles, but I’m back in business. I also tried out a new studios on ClassPass.  Let’s dig in.

Monday: I tried a Powered class at The Movement, a new-to-me studio in Flatiron. The couple who owns the studio actually went to my sleep-away camp (Camp Green Lane: Where happiness counts!). The teacher Sarah Starkweather was fabulous. I arrived a few minutes late (eek) and she helped me set up quickly and even took the time to inquire about injuries. This class was barefoot, but there was still a bit of jumping, which I’m not ready for. But Sarah helped me modify. It was a unique and solid workout.

The Movement
Morning motivation from The Movement

Fun Fact: The Movement donates $1 per person per class directly to the National Brain Tumor Society.

Tuesday: Rest day, wait that’s not true. I did the Cha Cha Slide on stage at Señor Frogs.

Wednesday: Physique 57 in the am and my first successful run/walk since Colombia(!!!) in the evening.

Thursday: Physical therapy at Finish Line in the morning and a class at I. AM. YOU. Yoga in the evening

I. AM. YOU yoga'
borrowed from I. AM. YOU yoga’s website

Friday: Post-work Core Fusion Barre Express at Exhale. I’m not the hugest Exhale fan, but I thought this class was ace. The teacher was funny and upbeat and created a positive community feel.

Saturday: Ran 2 miles!

Sunday: Nada

How was your week? Tell me everything!

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