Every time I worked out last week (1/17-1/24) #SNOWZILLA EDITION

Happy Sunday night, party people! East coasters, how was your snowy weekend? Did you work out during #Snowzilla? Tell me everything! (Spoiler Alert: I did)

Once again, I crushed ClassPass last week. Here’s what I got into:

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Sunday: If you remember where we left off, I was in Vermont last weekend. I didn’t ski  on Sunday though because my ankle was sore. I took a 3 mile walk to get some fresh air.

Jamaica Vermont
Strolling in Jamaica, Vermont

Monday: Still in Vermont! My friend Katy led Matt and I in a yoga class in the living room. Loved it!! Felt really good to stretch before getting in the car.

Tuesday: I went back to Solace and took another great Sculpt class.

Wednesday: Took a pre-work FlexBarre class. I really love this studio. I used up my allotted three classes here on ClassPass this month.

Thursday: Didn’t work out!

Friday: I took an early am Pure Barre class.  For me, there is something a bit joyless about Pure Barre. Does anyone else feel this way? It’s not a different workout from Physique or any other barre class, but it seems like someone sucked the air out of the room. It’s close enough to my house though that I’ll still go back. But its a bit like working out for the sake of working out. Maybe I need to try new instructors. Anyone have a favorite to recommend?

Saturday: Mega snow day! I took a “meh” pilates class at YogaWorks West Side, then walked about 8 miles in the snow in beautiful Central Park.

Snowzilla nyc
Frozen pond!
a bunny slope for sleddding


Sunday: (I am going to start listing the days of the week Monday to Sunday in order to keep the weekend in tact.) I took a FABULOUS and challenging Tower class at Uptown Pilates. Please no one else sign up for the pre/post work time slots so I can have them all (or at least my allotted ClassPass three.)

How was your week? Did you work out during the storm?

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