Every time I worked out last week (1/10-1/16)

Helloooo! My week-in-review posts have turned into “Here is what I like and don’t like on ClassPass.” I am getting a ton out of the membership. I joined once before in 2014 and thought the service was so/so and cancelled after a month. I wrote about that here. But this time around I’m finding spots in classes I want and I’m having a blast spicing up my workout (and saving dinero). If you’re not using ClassPass, I really recommend it.  Sign up using this link and save $20 on your first month!

Sunday: Evening Restorative Yoga at Yogaworks. I used to take more restorative classes (I even went to a weekend restorative yoga retreat once). So let me be the one to do the big reveal: restorative yoga is assisted napping. With the help of props like blankets, bolsters and blocks, an instructor guides you through a few very comfortable positions that you hold for a long time. Also the room is dark. Also they pretty much only offer these classes after the sun sets.

Monday: Rest. I guess restorative yoga was too much for me.

Tuesday: Reformer class at Gramercy Pilates. Had a new teacher. Loved her too. You can read about my love for this place here.

Gramercy Pilates NYC
borrowed from the Gramercy Pilates NYC instagram account

Wednesday. Checked out my first Crossfit studio, kind of, by taking a Sculpt class at Crossfit Solace. I dug it. You can read about it here. Basically there is a full CrossFit studio in the basement, but on the main floor they run boutiquey classes. You can guess which floor I’ll be frequenting.

Cool Foliage Font

Thursday: A post-work Tone Tighten and Lengthen class  with Patricia Fit. This was a great ClassPass surprise. You can read a review of the class on Rate Your Burn here and I’ll likely opine on this great class after I take it again next week. This class was 45 minutes long and basically like the glute section of Physique57 on crack. In a typical barre class, you’ll do a glute routine one way: at a barre, on your knees, or with a band and call it a day. We did the typical glute routine three different ways. I really liked the Patricia and the class. Since she’s not associated with a studio, Patricia used rented space at Dooya in NoMad. It was bright and lovely.

Patricia Fit
Dooya where TTL is held

Friday: I took a morning Flex Pilates class. The studio uses megareformers, not pilates reformers (which I didn’t know in advance) so this class is very similar to SLT.  Just like in my SLT experience, my lack of megareformer experience makes me feel a bit unsure and unstable on the machine. I don’t know how it will respond, what the tensions are etc. But I got a great glute workout.

Flex Studios Union Square
Flex Studios Union Square

Saturday: I spent the day skiing in Stratton, Vermont and had a complete blast. I am hardly a talented skier but I’m a lot less scared then I used to be, so I’m able to enjoy the runs and focus more on hanging out with friends instead of just making it to the bottom. Just like with biking, it feels great to get more comfortable at something and move from fear to fun. Instead of taking a lesson, I skied pals Katy and Sophie. By the end of the day I was feeling it on my ankle (I’m slowly recovering from the re-sprain in Colombia) so I skipped the last run or two. But still a very positive ski experience and a great workout.

ski weekend
At Stratton MLK weekend


How was was your week? Take any good classes on ClassPass? Have any winter weekend adventures?


  1. January 21, 2016 / 9:24 am

    I agree about snow sports being a great workouts. Pre-baby #1, I used to get a house with friends every year at Hunter Mountain and my quads were always SCREAMING at the end of each day after snowboarding!

    • Nicole
      January 21, 2016 / 9:25 am

      YES! I’m also trying an Uplift class next week called “prep for snow sports” which I’m stoked about.

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