7 reasons I love Physique57

I’ve written many times on this blog that Physique57  is one of my favorite studios. I’ve let two guys review the studio and I’ve written about Physique’s special arms/abs only modified class (which was a beacon of light during the rock bottom stage of my ankle injury).

But I’ve never given you the down and dirty on why and how I’ve fallen hard for this particular barre workout, until now.

How do I love Physique57?  Let me count the ways:

1. The space is welcoming and gorgeous. The women behind the counter at Physique57 aim to please. They learn your name quickly and greet you when you come in. The locker room is up to date and has all of the shower and hair supplies you need to get ready. The studio features  a “tall-person barre” and a “regular sized-person barre”, so people like me don’t need to hunch over. I have weak sauce posture, so I do enough hunching on my own time.

Sub point: They have a great referral program, so if you’re a groupie like me, it’s easy to get free classes for indoctrinating introducing your friends. Speaking of, if you try Physique57 because of my rave reviews, feel free to list me as the friend who referred you, that’s first name: N-I-C-O-L-E last name: H-A-B-E-R. Thanks 🙂

Image borrowed from Cosmo Mag. Also, I have never not worn a shirt in Physique57. These people are clearly just models. Wear whatever you want.

2. The teachers are awesome. Of all the studios I frequent, Physique57’s instructor base is the most consistently top shelf. I don’t need to think too hard about who the teacher is before signing up for a class. That said, Lindi is my favorite, Hi Lindi!

P57 abs. Borrowed from a newspaper announcing the opening of their BKK location.
P57 abs. Borrowed from a newspaper announcing the opening of their BKK location.

3. I like the structure of the class. Each class works largely the same way (save for their Mat and Fit classes). You start with arms, move to thighs, butt and followed by abs and a cool down stretch. This makes the class fly by because you’re knocking out body parts as the clock ticks away. I’ve read that exhausting each muscle group is more effective than briefly touching each group many times. So there. Which brings me to my next point.


4. The class is effective. Dear Tricep Muscles: You may be small, but you were nonexistent before Physique57. I don’t always leave Physique in a sweat, but I always feel sore.

5. The music is always on point. You’ll pulse to the latest hits and a mix of your favorite throwbacks. Once Jai Ho came on (the song from Slumdog Millionaire) and it was the best day of my life.

Physique 57 is typically a ladies-only type of class, but daring men are welcome.
Physique 57 is typically a ladies-only class, but daring men are welcome.

6. The class is easy to modify and I truly believe it has helped strengthen my ever-talked about ankle. I’m convinced this class has made me a stronger runner. And so is this lady.

7. It’s near my house. This might not apply to you.

One gripe: What happened to the free green apples???

Have you been to Physique57? What did you think?