Gramercy Pilates NYC! (Hi new friend!)

If you’ve been reading Cuckoolemon for a while now, you know my fitness palate is pretty “basic bitch.” I frequent the same studios everyone else likes, and they are all chains. But I’m happy to report thanks to ClassPass, I’ve made some new friends. Come meet my pretty new pal: Gramercy Pilates NYC.

My coworker raved about this hidden gem, so when I saw they were on ClassPass I joined her for an early morning class. ClassPass is great for studio risk taking/exploration because you don’t lose any of your hard earned dinero if a class doesn’t jive with you, just don’t go back!

Gramercy Pilates is a small studio on 20th Street in Flatiron. Despite their minimal square footage, they maximize what is the equivalent of a modest one-bedroom New York apartment and teach three classes at a time. (I believe the breakdown is two pilates machine classes and one mat class.) So it’s actually easy to score a spot using ClassPass.

Gramercy Pilates
Borrowed from the Gramercy Pilates website.

Though the location is an unassuming second floor commercial spot, the space is filled with natural light and lots of happy people.

Why do I like this studio?

  • Small class size: I love hands-on adjustments and because of these small classes, they are plentiful. The last two classes I took each had four students.
  • Teachers: I’ve taken a mat class and a reformer class and I thought both teachers were great, but I loved Graziella, the mat instructor. She set an upbeat tone, gave tons of positive-minded adjustments (instead of corrections), and overall made the 45-minutes fly by. (I just found this photo of Graziella in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade dressed as a dancing bear, so now you know she is awesome.)
  • Easy to book: As much as I love Physique57, it’s a bit of a stress to find a time I can go to thats also available on ClassPass.
  • The workout: It’s good but not so sweaty that I need to shower after, because you know, pilates. I’m of the belief that pilates is great strength building for runners.
  • Near my office: Maybe not so transferable to you

What new studios have you tried on ClassPass that surprised you?

P.S. Not on ClassPass? GiltCity currently has a deal for Gramercy Pilates.


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