An Epic Review

Around Christmas I bought a 5-class pack to Epic Hybrid Training on Amazon Local. My ankle was still pretty bad, but at $10 a class with six months to use it, it seemed worth it. Matt bought one too. It sounded like a nice thing to do together. (Spoiler alert: we’ve only gone together once.)

So what is Epic Hybrid Training? It’s a studio with two NY locations that’s set up to prepare students to kick ass at Spartan Races. (You know those races where warrior-like humans crawl under barbed wire and through mud?)

Not this kind of Spartan:

I didn’t take my first class until July, and I’m glad I waited, even though this means I have to use all 5 classes in 1 month before they expire. These high-intensity, heavy-weight encouraged classes are much better appreciated on a stable ankle. I’ve taken 3 of their classes so far: Tone and Power, The Combine and Dynamic Core.

epic hybrid
photo borrowed from Gilt City website!

Each class is run the same way, and similar to what I’ve seen in Instagram posts of Crossfit classes (Crossfitters LOVE social proof!). There’s a board/screen with the list of exercises for the day, and it’s broken up in to stations. There’s a giant timer on the wall and it beeps when it’s time for you to move to the next one. Usually by the time I’m aching and itching to stop, it’s time to change exercises anyway.

The instructor (and in my experience of 3 instructors yours will be a total sweetheart and made of STEEL) demonstrates each exercise, and any modifications before you get started. I’ve had to flag the teacher down mid-class to remind me what something means (err DD pushup= down dog push up) and get a second demo. Everyone has been happy to do it.

The classes uses a ton of props, but nothing delicate or confusing, mostly bands and weights.

i am a spider

I still don’t like to do jumping jacks or to jump rope because of my ankle and in each case they instructor happily gave me an alternative.

So far, I felt the biggest burn after The Combine. My legs burned from squatting in the best way. Each of the classes was fast-paced but truly doable from any fitness level. I have no intention of doing a Spartan race and I still love it. Your classmates will shock you. The man or woman sitting next to you, is likely able to crush the monkey bars or do 100 unassisted pull ups.

More than that, everyone’s been really nice. You move from station to station with a partner, and I’ve really enjoyed everyone I’ve been paired with. The sense of community is strong and regulars love to help newbies.

The studio itself is nothing to write home about. As a person who frequents FlyWheel and Physique57 its worth noting this is a few degrees less equipped in the getting-ready-for-work department. But it’s a completely different vibe, and one that I like.

So yes, the building used to house a brothel and a sex club. It does have two private bathrooms and showers with products, and you can pay $1 for a towel.

epic hybrid IMG_5068

I’ve really loved going so far. I’ve taken countless hours of barre classes recently and changing up the style of strength training has made an impact on my body (I think?). Either way, I feel great after the classes.

Have you ever been to Epic Hybrid? Or done a spartan race?

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