Every time I worked out Week of 4/4

Hello from the train to DC! We’re heading down for the night since Matt is running the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler tomorrow. (#Jealous #HealMyAnkle).

I am keeping things honest with another weekly recap. This was a strong week for me. I showed up for a lot of exercise.

Saturday: I took a class called Barbell Strength with my mom at her gym in Long Island. Learned (confirmed?) she is stronger than me.

Sunday: Swim! Shorter than I planned (20 minutes) because I overslept but it was glorious. (I can’t flutter kick because of my ankle but can do breast stroke if you’re curious.)

Monday: Mat57 at Physique57, hello, I love you

this is the class i'm always writing about.
this is the class i’m always writing about.

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Physical Therapy

Thursday: Power Flow at Lyon’s Den in Tribeca (Hot Yoga!)Is it possible this helped my ankle? At least temporarily?  I loved this place.

Friday: Mat57 at Physique57

How was your week?

By the way Vogue has some tips on how to get sculpted arms for summer (for always!).



    • Nicole
      April 13, 2015 / 9:28 am

      You should definitely try next time you’re in NY. It can be brutal. (In the best way)

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