Every time I worked out: Week of 3/12

Hi there, so I have in fact been working out. I’ve been slowing it down a bit to allow my ankle to heal but I haven’t stopped completely. (Sidebar: I saw a new doctor who said my legs were uneven lengths and thats why I am twisting my ankle. My body is trying to shorten my longer leg and the¬†habitual twisting is causing the on-going pain. WHAT?)

March 12-18, Thursday to Wednesday ( ‘tevs I know it’s not a traditional week measurement)

Thursday: Exhale Core Fusion. This class is fine. I feel sore after. But I hate the bit where you push your mat against the wall, sit on it, hold the bar and lift your legs. I hate the sound of my socks against the carpet. It’s possible this means I am a genius.

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: I was going to try Lyons Den Yoga but I realized being in a hot room could make my ankle swell. I called them and talked it out, they agreed and were nice enough to recredit my account. So instead, I went back to Exhale Core Fusion to finish up my class pack.

Sunday: NYC Half. I didn’t run it, but Matt and a few friends did so I went to cheer. I started to wear orthotics again and did my longest walk in them yet! About 2 miles. My ankle hurts all of the time, but with the orthotics it wasn’t throbbing or extra sore after. I’m marking this as a win.

Monday: Pre-work FlyBarre. I love me some Flybarre. I skip the toe-balancing parts and do planks on my knees to avoid putting pressure on my ankle, but I love FlyBarre.

Tuesday: Nothing. Walking back and forth to my office kitchen for more cereal. I can’t be in the same building as Chex. Does Crispex still exist? That was my real favorite.

Wednesday: Pre-work FlyBarre. So hard. Taught by Master Instructor Todd Allen who mixed up the order. We did every arm song sequentially, instead of broken up throughout the class which meant we worked with fatigued arms. Ouch.

One last thing: PopSugar wrote about a really cool Google hack. You type into foods into your browser “Pizza versus Frozen Yogurt” and it compares the nutritional value of each. Smart and simple! You change the measurements to be more realistic. In the case of pizza, you can measure by slice instead of grams.

google nutrition
this was my real life dinner decision last night. I went with pizza since we were already standing in a pizza place when it came time to decide. Matt (shockingly) was getting a chicken parm sandwich

By the way, hello from Steamboat, Colorado where it is 60 degrees!


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