Taking barre classes in Washington DC

Hello! I spent the past week in DC and squeezed in two barre classes. The first at Biker Barre in Capitol Hill and the second at BFit on 14th Street near Logan Circle. (Super specific for any local DC readers!)

The Nicole Haber Barre Class Road Show continues!

It wasn’t my first time at Biker Barre. It’s right near my good friend Tricia’s house. She’s a regular and we’ve gone before on past visits. Similar to the Flywheel Sports operation, Biker Barre offers complementary workouts: spin and barre.

a little Capitol Hill flavor
a little Capitol Hill flavor

Unlike Flywheel (and no criticism at all, Flywheel be-still my heart!) , Biker Barre is an intimate neighborhood-y place.

The class itself was fantastic. I would absolutely go back if it was in New York. A precise, smart workout that left my arms sore. There were only 9 people in the class, and I don’t think they could fit more than 12. I kept thinking of the massive Core Fusion room on Central Park South. In New York to make up for the lost income of having such small classes, the cost per class would have to be $50, it’s about $20 in DC.

the lounge area
the lounge area at Biker Barre where post class champagne was served

I headed to my second class just as the snow “storm” was hitting DC on Monday night. (The city had a snow day caused by two inches of accumulation.) I don’t want to write a negative review, but I didn’t love the BFit class as much. You know those instructors who act just because you’re new to the studio you’re new to the whole type of workout? That’s how the BFit instructor taught.

a homey bright setting at BFit
a homey bright setting at BFit

I felt a bit picked on as the new kid. This isn’t my first tricep dip, woman.

I wish teachers would make new students feel extra welcome so they want to return. Instead the class conjured up feelings  of 7th grade Mechanical Drawing class, the only B I got in all of middle school. (Remember, I was kind of a Type A kiddo.) I just can’t do it. My hands cannot use a T square no matter how hard I try. And I am a trier. I wanted to admit defeat so the corrections would stop.

I was glad I went because a workout is better than not, but I won’t be rushing back, at least not to that instructor. There were also too many prolonged relevés for my ankle. But that’s not anyone’s fault. That’s just my new preference.

What’s your favorite workout in DC? Would love your advice for my next trip.

Also New York, do you miss me? What are you wearing?

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