6 fitness blogs I love

Hello from freezing DC. I’m here for nearly a week due to a confluence of a wedding and a work trip. Before moving to New York in 2012, I lived here for 5 and a half years and remember exclusively moderate winters. Since I’ve left your nation’s capital has become an arctic tundra. Brr.  But that’s no excuse to hibernate. Remember?

freezing outside the West Wing
freezing outside the West Wing

I wanted to share some of the fitness blogs that I love reading. There are others I love but for today, I wanted to highlight this six. They are worth checking out for inspirational stories, humble laughs and relatable tips. Let me know what you think. Any to add?

PreppyRunner: Theodora originally called her blog “Losing Weight in the City.” And that she did. Now she writes about being a super strong kickass runner. I love her humor and candor. She writes a great mix of fitness-focused storytelling supported with context from her non-fitness life. This makes her exceedingly likable.

RunningBun: Ashley is a hoot. A new (cool) mom she’s made an incredible running comeback. Follow her journey through yoga, running and new-momdom. I’m into it.

Ali on the Run: Ali. EVERYONE loves this blog. Me too. A lot. Ali is hysterical and humble. She is a super fast runner but always full of humility. She also has Crohns disease which come with significant hurtles, but spoiler alert, she always overcomes them.

Healthy Happier Bear: Ashley is poised but also a real person. Originally from the South, Ashley currently lives in Switzerland (by way of New York). She writes about her skiing, cooking, her active, healthy lifestyle and whatever race she is currently training for. She is really good stuff, and also, real-life friends with PreppyRunner!

The Hungry Runner Girl: Janae is fast. Like 6-minute mile fast. With daily posts you’ll find details on her workouts, her adorable daughter and all of her favorite froyo toppings, a girl after my own heart. She gives great advice without being at all precious.

The Runner Beans: Charlie (Charlotte) is a London-based runner. She packs a lot into her day and I love reading about her fitness adventures. Her updates are frequent, honest, and well-written.

Do you have blog I should read? Any others to recommend?


  1. February 16, 2015 / 2:55 pm

    Thank you for saying far nicer things about me than I have ever said to myself! You are awesome and I so appreciate the shout-out. I also agree that Ashley RunningBun is totally a “cool mom.” <3 youuuuu!

  2. February 16, 2015 / 4:39 pm

    You’re too stinking sweet! I try to keep it real over on the blog so I’m glad you feel that way too! Thanks for reading and thank you again for making my Monday!!

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