Every single time I exercised last week

Since I write a fitness-focused blog, many people are under the impression all I do is workout. I wish. While I do hit the gym (or a class) many times a week it’s important to remember that Cuckoolemon is just a distillation of one part of my life. I don’t take multiple classes a day on the regular, live at the gym, or even exercise every single day.

Part of the reason I started this blog was because I loved learning how other people exercised, what they liked, what they found hard , what they tried and what they found doable.

push up
remind me, is this a push up?

I think my level of frequency/intensity could be comfortable for a lot of people.  But you tell me.

Let’s remove the wool. I’d love to share a complete look at last week’s workouts.

January 25-31, 2015

Sunday: Mat57 at Physique with my mom. My mom claims she knows what “pulsing” is but is choosing not to do it.

Monday: Nothing, which was a mistake since I worked from home Monday and Tuesday because of the storm. I got very antsy without a workout break.

Tuesday: Went to NYSC post-work with Matt to do the ab challenge and a little stairmaster action. I climbed to the top of the Great Pyramid which was about 45 floors and took 8 minutes. This was followed by a rare double workout when I realized I could make a Yogaworks Reformer class. I bought a 5 pack on GiltCity  and I can NEVER make it to the classes. There are so few on the schedule and times are inopportune for a working woman like myself.

bosu ball
Just another faceless meathead at the gym (balance squats/struggle squats on the bosu ball)

Wednesday: Rest Day aka could not get out of bed. I definitely didn’t exercise post-work since waiting for a Seamless Order to arrive was a full body experience.

Thursday: This was a tough one. I nearly didn’t get out of bed again but made it in the end. Stairmaster and abs at NYSC. I am queen of the world and the gym.

Friday: Last day of 30 Day Ab Challenge! Matt and I did the Day 30 assignment together before work. I had signed up for post-work Flywheel class but I was still sore from Thursday’s cortisone shot so I had to pass. Instead, I went to NYSC for a short post-work session: abs and arms followed by 5 minutes on the stairmaster (I climbed to the top of Big Ben according to the cute interface).

Saturday: Exhale Core Fusion Barre, thanks to a GiltCity 3-pack

This is just one week. I’m not sure if its representative, so maybe I’ll share a few more of these. When I first started this blog, I was all about running, so a week-in-the-life would’ve looked very different from this cardio-free slice of life.

So in total, 2 rest days, 2 barre classes, 1 pilates reformer class and 3 short NYSC visits.

What does your week-long fitness regime look like? Does it seem like I workout a ton?

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