Boom. Clap. The sound of my hopes skyrocketing!

I received a cortisone shot. After 5 months with no change to my ankle, my doctor (the second one) suggested a cortisone shot.

This wasn’t a surprise, he mentioned it as an option a few months ago should the pain persist, which it did. Currently, I’m of the belief that any action is better than the months of inaction, so nervously I agreed. I can be a little finicky at the doctor’s office. I never refuse treatment or cry or make a scene. But I’ll make about 20 nervous jokes in the span of 4 minutes all of which are directly related to my fear.

In this case I asked the doctor (and the intern who trailed him, my doctor is the head of ankles at a big NYC hospital) to sedate me pre-shot (he declined). I asked if there was any chance he would make it worse. I hid my face inside my sweater to avoid any sight of the syringe.

true life: cortisone shot/borrowed from the internet 

Of course it didn’t hurt more than a pinch does and was over in a matter of seconds.

After, the doctor jovially asked “Are you embarrassed [at your over-reaction]?”

No. I act like this consistently in doctor’s office. I replied “Just be thankful you aren’t my dentist.”

So now, we wait. It is meant to feel sore for a few days and then, hopefully in a few weeks or less, be pain free as the steroids help reduce the inflammation under the scar tissue (or something).

Has anyone ever had a cortisone shot before? My best friend Natalie had a few doses that only helped in the short term, so I’d love to hear some success stories. For now, I’m a believer because I’d love to get back out on the Park Drive.

Have you received a cortisone injection? What for? How did your body react?


    • Nicole
      February 3, 2015 / 11:14 am

      thanks mom

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