The unnecessary stress of fitness deals

It all started at Laughing Lotus, the Flatiron yoga studio. My name wasn’t in their system because of a long hiatus so the woman behind the counter offered me the new person discount: $39 for an unlimited monthly pass. A drop-in class cost $18, so as long a I go more than 3x in a month, it’s worth it. I went once.

fitness deals

As much as I love Laughing Lotus, the studio isn’t near my house and the Level 1 class times don’t work for me. Convenience┬áis a major factor (for me) when it comes to fitness.

Around the same time I purchased 5 small-group reformer pilates classes at Yogaworks. Yogaworks is so very close to my apartment that when I saw the Gilt City deal I didn’t think twice. But as it turns out with my new job (Oh yea, I started a new job last week), I can’t make the 6pm beginner classes, so now I have 3 classes left and ┬áI’m not sure what to do with them (and only 3 weeks to figure it out before they expire).

Then there was Epic Hybrid 5 classes for $55 deal on Google Offers, the catch being once you start you have to finish all 5 classes in 30 days. (FYI you can still get the deal. )That’s a big commitment, plus Matt bought one too, so it would be nice to go together for all the reasons. But that means adding another schedule to the mix.

Then there are all the other classes I’ve purchased that come with expiration dates. Do I use my last Physique class before starting my Exhale 3-pack?

To be clear, I know these are expensive problems to have. But I was wondering if anyone has found a good way to organize and keep track of this? I can’t make the most of these deals without some sort of game plan.

Is there an app for that?

Also, I am obsessed with this song, enjoy:



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