My 2015 NYC Fitness Class Wish List

Hello! I just got back from Kripalu! But let’s chat about that later. I’m feeling very New Yorkish this Sunday evening.

Even though I am Class-Happy Sally (and no that’s not my torqboard name), there are still tons of great classes in the 212 I haven’t tried yet. I might not be able to try some of these classes until I’m 100% healed ankle-wise (so please, do have your cyborg pencil me in for 2065, the first Tuesday after the apocalypse please).

Here is a list of classes I haven’t tried yet and plan to in 2015:

Mile High Run Club
It’s a very sexy name. Mile High Run Club is a fitness class exclusively focused on running.”With daily group treadmill classes and endurance focused strength training led by elite runners, everyone trains like an athlete regardless of fitness level.” Obviously I can’t take this class until I’m off the injured list.
28 East 4th Street, NY, NY

Mile High Run Club
Mile High Run Club is all Woodway treadmills and club lights. Unce. Unce.

A reformer (or megareformer, as they call it) based-pilates class that people go ape-sh*t for. This class isn’t new, and it’s widely loved. It’s on the east side which probably why I’ve never been.
many locations in NYC

Taryn Toomey
This is a photo from the Urban Souk event at Chelsea Market. Can you find me?? (I need to squat lower; let’s assume I was on my way back up?)

The Class with Taryn Toomey
So I technically (maybe) have taken this class. Taryn Toomey was part of a Lululemon Urban Souk pop-up in Chelsea Market last year. I took her hour-long class and it was so weird and great. She played the same song every time we did a specific series. I didn’t expect to be too sore after, but oh was I ever. I’ve been wanting to try her downtown studio but haven’t made it there yet. Here’s to 2015.
291 Broadway, 4th and 5th floors, NY, NY

This is Tara Stiles’s studio. I’ve had an internet crush on Tara for years. She is a famous yogi who actually teaches in NYC, but I’ve never to her studio. Strala’s classes have names like “STRONG,” “RELAX” and “ENERGIZE.”
632 Broadway, 6th floor, NY, NY

Tara Stiles
This is Tara. She is so pretty.

So what is the lesson here? If a class is not near my house, I need to make a list like this in order to sign up for it. What’s on your must-take list?

Injury update: My stupid ankle injury was actually healing. Then the last week in December I got the worst calf cramp ever. It hurt to straighten my leg. The cramp is long gone but now my the old ankle pains are back. Maybe not as intense as in the fall, back definitely worse than it had been. Grrr (x10000). Maybe I hyper-extended while stretching to release the cramp?

Has anyone ever done acupuncture for a sports injury/ankle issue? Please long-form tell me everything!



    • Nicole
      January 11, 2015 / 6:35 pm

      yes!! how amazing does that sound? I’ve done Barry’s Bootcamp that a treadmill component, but this is focused on making you a better/faster runner

      • January 11, 2015 / 6:37 pm

        There is no place near where I live that has that. Maybe ATL?

  1. January 13, 2015 / 7:22 pm

    Those all look like really fun classes! I’m all about trying new fitness trends and can’t wait to hear about your adventures at each of these!

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