Captain Hopeful, reporting for duty!

Are you waiting at the edge of your seat waiting for an update on my injured ankle? Do I have the post for you!

After being told my ankle would take 1-2 years to heal, I sought out a second opinion. Does that timeline seem crazy to anyone else? I’m relatively new to sports injuries.

I feel lucky to live in a city like New York where there are just so many incredible doctors.  As a patients we are able to have large options for even the most specific of needs, like ankle specialists. It’s a fact that no one I’ve spoke to about my injury so far even so much as looks at a knee.

ankle injury
this is me

The orthopedic ankle and foot specialist I visited last week was on a floor with only other ankle doctors. When the elevator stopped on the floor below his, I saw that floor only did hands and wrists. The floor below that was a spine specialty unit. Pretty amazing.

I was feeling pretty disheartened and lost going in. I realized a large reason I felt amiss was the first doctor gave me a inconclusive diagnosis without spending much time with me. If he had briskly given me an action item, I’d jump into action (and hopefully recovery). But instead he whisked in and said “you’ll be fine, eventually. Ta!” I was left with nothing tangible to go own.

The second doctor had much better bedside manner. He pulled up the images from my MRI on a screen and went over them with me. He showed me where the potential damage was. He then read out loud highlights from radiologist’s report. (Keep in mind this is the exact same data the first doctor had.)

The second doctor explained the situation in much more detail, though without much more clarity.  Basically there isn’t anything obvious on the MRI and 2.5 months of discomfort/pain means it’s likely scar tissue or fluid. Not something he can do anything about. It needs more time to heal on its own. He prescribed six weeks of PT and a follow up appointment in January to see what’s what.

I feel much better because I left with a plan. I can workout and just be careful about the pain.  (By the way: what does this even MEAN? How much pain is OK?) He also said it’s not impossible that I heal quickly enough to run the NYC Half. Sooo that’s pretty great.

Also, I miraculously had the same cab driver going both to and from the appointment. What are the odds of that? He was an awesome person and a medium-good driver.

Does anyone in New York love their physical therapist? I’m on the market.



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