A love letter to my new favorite class

After the exciting incident at the radiology center I was eager to hear what the doctor would say about my ankle. When I went to his offices (in the depths of the east side: Hello, First Avenue) he was all too chipper in telling me “nothing is wrong on the MRI!!!” The doctor went on to explain his theory that the cause of my discomfort is a stretched nerve. What? Evidently that is a thing. You can stretch a nerve. (I did when sliding down rocks post-Canyoning.)

canyoning in banos
scene of the crime

A stretched nerve heals on its own and isn’t worsened by use. That’s all well and good, but what about the pain? He had an answer for that. The doctor is having some sorcery master (or maybe a pharmacist but I’m sure I heard sorcery master) in the East Village make a compound that I’m to apply to┬ámy ankle which will alleviate the pain. This is evidently what they teach at Harvard and Yale Medical School these days, this doctor attended both institutions.

Also “heals on it’s own” is less promising when you learn the timeline: one to two years. Who’s got time for that?

The compound is not ready yet (this is real even though it doesn’t sound real). So until then I’ve been looking for ways to workout that don’t involve my legs. There are so very few. That’s where my love affair with Physique57’s 30 minute arms and abs class comes in. You might remember my last documented experience there with my friend Katy and two people who really stood out.

Katy, Jon and Matt (left to right) at Physique57
Where are their grippy socks and smart waters?

Fab Arms and Abs is all the good tricep, bicep, shoulder and abs action from the longer class. What’s subtracted is the squatting, the pulsing and the tip-toe standing – which right now isn’t awesome for me, it’s exactly what hurts. I took some time off because of the injury and I really missed feeling strong. This 30 minute combo is perfect.

I love being in a class that I barely have to modify. I took a few other classes and found myself standing around awkwardly because I couldn’t do the move and that’s not fun. (And if I’m going to stand around, I’m going to do it awkwardly.)

During Hamptons Half training this summer, arms and abs fell out the priority list. I was all about running. Now I’m focusing on it again and I forgot how much I love triceps kickbacks and side planks. I really do. I just liked them less when I did them sparingly this summer because I was weak. Being weak is not fun. Being awesome? That’s the stuff.

Another perk: at $19, this class is significantly cheaper than the usual $34 class (granted its also shorter). The class is hard but you can go all out when it’s only 30 minutes.

The way I see it we have two options. The first is none of you sign up for this class. Just forget you read this. It’s only offered after work twice a week and I’d be very full of sad if I got closed out of it. Option Two is ALL of you sign up and they create loads more instances of it on the schedule.

Please let me know what you’re choosing via private secret ballot, aka in the comments section.



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