The half marathon I didn’t run

I did not run the Hamptons Half Marathon. While my heart was totally in it, my ankle pulled rank (and evidently some soft tissue) and so I was benched when race day came. I had a feeling this was going to happen last week.

Instead, I had the opportunity to cheer on Matt, Jon and Katy (you might remember them from their excellence in pulsing at Physique 57). Matt and Jon ran the half and Katy initiated her dad into the racing club by joining him for his first 5K.

Hamptons Half
Saturday morning racers

Waking up at 6am for a race you’re not running is… awesome. No stress. No pressure on what to eat. Or when to go to the bathroom. Not sure of the weather? No problemo. Bring a bag to throw your layers in. Not sure if you should have a coffee? I nursed one while I cheered. Ideal. Well, as far as spectating goes.

The pre-race/post-race meet up had lots of free snacks and drinks and a very good energy. Also it had supermodel Christy Turlington. She was running the half on behalf of Oiselle and Every Mother Counts. She is looking good, I didn’t take a photo though, sorry.

I love watching races. I get very emotional. It feels very personal – maybe even intimate- to witness someone do something they’ve been practicing to do for months. It feels so special to be there. So basically, I stand moments from the finish line scream “You are SO VERY CLOSE”  and “You are REALLY DOING IT!” or “You are amazing. You are fantastic.” And also I sob with joy. It’s why I don’t wear mascara to races. Or ever. Or own mascara.

Anyway, at least that’s what I did at the 5K.

The Half was a bit of bedlam.  And by that I mean, pretty lawless. Did anyone else think so? At the Hamptons race there is no barricade demarcating the runners from the observers. I’ve never before seen spectators just mosey through the race course, especially so close to the finish. If I was running, it would’ve made me really uncomfortable. Even as a mere fan, I felt it compromised the race a bit. They also don’t close off the road to cars.

This didn’t bother Matt or Jon though. They crushed it. So maybe when you’re feeling all of the delicious endorphins its A-OK.

cliche finishers picture
cliche finishers picture

Anyway, it wasn’t til after the race that I started to feel a bit sad about not being able to run it. I had a great 8 weeks of training and I think had all continued, I could have really rocked it. I tried not to hover too long on the thoughts. This is part of being an athlete right? Being injured? Someone please confirm or deny.

Hamptons Half
Jon, in a unique post-race stretch

There is always next time. And anyway, being a cheerer is pretty great too.

Does anyone have a favorite half coming up in the early winter? I’m in the market.



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